Top PMP Courses Selection Choices:2019

Top PMP Courses Selection Choices:2019

Dec 17, 2018, 8:23:09 PM Tech and Science

Can any team, work without a Project manager?


Will that project manager succeed if he doesn’t know the fundamentals of project management?


Can a business survive in this competitive world without possessing adroit project managers?


The answer to all these questions comes up to be a big ‘No’ where organizations today cannot afford to miss hiring certified and proficient professionals who can procure and manage tenders and projects easily.

Project Management, Why is it Important?


Instead of telling what happens with it, I’ll tell you what all is missed in its absence. Take a look:


  • Teams and clients get exposed to chaotic management
  • Your objectives go unclear
  • You witness a lack of resources
  • Projects go over budget
  • Project deployment gets delayed
  • Poor quality of deliverables provided to the client
  • And much more…


After gazing at these negativities, now take a rundown why Project Management holds great significance in the smooth working of a business.


  • Creates happy and encouraging teams
  • Workflow is managed in an efficient way
  • Ensures the delivery on time (even before time)
  • Enhances the productivity of one and all
  • Project Management defines a plan and organizes the chaos
  • Manages integration and collaboration
  • Enforces and encourages teamwork
  • The concept helps cut-cost and control expenditures
  • It helps establish schedules and implement robust plans
  • Project Management maximizes your resources
  • Focus sheerly on managing quality
  • Enables to retain and use knowledge effectively
  • The deployment delivers actual ROI
  • Makes robust relations with the clients
  • Ease the work of all


Undoubtedly, the benefits of project management are plenty, however, if the concept is not applied within an enterprise, it may shake the internal and external workflow of that business where it would be troublesome to bear the losses at last.


Thus, to avoid such unforeseen situations, companies must encourage its employees to undergo a Project Management Professional (PMP) course to monument their growth as well as the organization’s success.


Learning is never-ending, so here I bring you some selected choices offered by the big names. One can go through these and opt any by allotting time and dedication in understanding the concepts and the practices that are followed in the project management.


#1 Program Management Professional (PgMP)® Certification Training


The course offered by Knowledgehut is a program that comes next to Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification Training is meant for those who closely work with business management and are responsible for coordinating with multiple projects.


It is crucial to get aligned with the organizational objectives which are clearly defined and explained in the courses with additional insights into dealing in effectively managing complex activities.


The major areas focussed are:


  • Prioritization
  • Escalation
  • Governance
  • Resource Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Benefits Realization


#2 Applied Project Management Certification

The certification offered by Coursera helps you earn a university-issued professional certificate from the University of California. Applied Project Management Certification course is an online course that helps you solve complicated project tasks giving a new lead towards good career opportunities.


This is meant for professionals having a work-experience of above three years who want to improve their skills and dexterity in project management getting good hands over project initiation, planning, and execution.


Undergoing the training, you will get prepared to apply your gained knowledge and use project management tools and techniques at any stage of your project.


#3 PMP Certification Prep is one of the oldest online training site that offers 10,000+ courses related to any field where the portal has a wealth of resources behind it.


On project management, one can find more than 1500 training programs to choose as per his requirement and need. The PMP Certification Prep course helps you portray your expertise, experience, and education, giving a new direction to your career.


The course teaches critical concepts of project management and gradually, makes you learn the principles of management and workflows and walks you through the whole project lifecycle.


The trainers are well qualified and cover the on-going problems and issues being faced by a professional at the time of his workings. Before committing to go for taking this learning program, gives a free month trial of its resources to get an idea about the Prep exam.


#4 PMP Math Prep - PMP Math and Formulas


Even if you are good at maths, the PMP Math Prep allows you to be well-versed with the PMP formulas for clearing the exam to grow your career as a project manager. This course by Udemy enables you to get familiar with all the project management formulas on excel sheet to use these over and over.


What to learn?


  • Time and cost estimating
  • Risk management
  • Float calculations
  • Build/Buy decisions
  • Earned value analysis
  • And much more...


All these attributes are taught in this course to clear the PMP Math Prep exam clearly and is affordable for all the learner seeking to gain in-depth knowledge in PMP math and formulas.


The pool of education is filled with multiple courses and programs which help you clear the desired certification as per the present need. So hurry up and go grab the opportunity to pick one that makes you a certified individual/professional to expand the bracket of your career.

Published by Inder Chauhan

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