Torrent Clients you should consider for your Mac

Torrent Clients you should consider for your Mac

Jan 28, 2019, 3:02:19 AM Tech and Science

Everyone uses Torrents. Quite literally!
Well atleast all the people who have managed to get past their conscience do, which is basically everyone right? While most people don’t even know that using Torrents is illegal and can land them in jail some do it, knowingly.

But that is not what we’re here to discuss today, we’re about to head into the nitty gritty of torrents today. All while, trying to work out what are the best clients one can use to download these files.


So let’s get down to it.

What are Torrent files?

Torrent files are basically the files that you wish to download and use. These could be movies, TV shows, music, games or other software. The only real difference between normal files and Torrent files is the .torrent extension torrent files have. This in hand allows the files to maintain and display tracker and file information to the person who is downloading it via a client.

What is a client?

Basically put, a client is something one simply needs to download Torrent files. Clients are needed because one cannot simply download these files like we download other files using our browsers. Clients work using a P2P system wherein the user who wishes to download a file does so by connecting to different “seeds” from all across the world who host the files on their computer. These users or the “peers” all connect to different seeds from all across the world and download small parts of their file. 

Now that you know what exactly a client does for you, you must’ve also realised how important it is to get a good one that matches your needs and requirements. There are also a few key notes that you must keep in mind while selecting a Torrent Client.

  • Make sure that it is from a well trusted source. There have been multiple reports over the years of viruses and malware being shipped under the pretext of them being Torrent Clients.
  • Try and make sure that they have most of the features that you really need from a Torrent Client. That means a remote control feature, an integrated search bar and probably something that allows the use of magnet links.

Now that we know what we’re supposed to be looking for in a Torrent Client let us now take a look at some torrent clients which are probably the best torrent downloader for Mac.


Folx is a brilliant versatile download manager for the Mac. Not only does it come in with a handy and super powerful Torrent client, but also some great features to allow the use of the download manager as your default downloader app. It helps organise all your apps using tags and hence keeps your library organised.

The torrent client comes with a great search feature that allows users to find torrents and download them from within the client itself.

There is also a Pro version of the software that comes with features like faster download speeds, scheduled downloads and more.


The host of features available on uTorrent include a remote client that allows users to check up on their downloads even on the go! The client also comes in with a revolutionary playback feature that allows you to play the content while downloading it . You’re also allowed to edit your Tracker information, and also access all your files across different platforms.


One of the better looking Torrent clients available on the market today, XTorrent provides users with a superior UI that is second to none.

The only downside to using XTorrent is the speed cap that is put on the normal version of the app. The PRO or premium version needs to be paid for to get the maximum speed.


Deluge is a torrent client that is better used by advanced users. Users who like to get into the command lines and twinkle with the client a little.

Deluge comes in three basic interface, Desktop, Browser and command line.

Advanced users have really been raving about the amount of plugins that are available with Deluge.


Transmission is a free to use Torrent client that really goes easy on the RAM and has a very sleek interface. Being the default Torrent client on Ubuntu really says a lot about the caliber of Torrent Client Transmission really is.

These are just some Torrent downloader for Mac, if you wish to check out more such Torrent downloaders for Mac, visit the link given and find more info about all the Torrent downloader files available to you.

Published by Inder Chauhan

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