First Pictures of the Next-Gen BMW X3 M: It’s a Beast!

First Pictures of the Next-Gen BMW X3 M: It’s a Beast!

Feb 22, 2019, 4:49:35 PM Business

Photographs of the new BMW X3 M were recently leaked, displaying a vehicle that can only be described as an absolute beast. BMW will launch its new model later this year as the latest model in its X lines. It will feature twin-turbo petrol with six cylinders, a new staple for the next-generation of BMW M cars.

The 3X M is big even by SUV standards. And, judging by how the past models in this line have performed, it seems like a natural step forward to take with this third-generation BMW X model. The X3 sold over a million and a half vehicles, so for the new and improved model the manufacturer had to raise the bar regarding design and power if it wanted to surpass competitors.

And from the first glances, it does. It’s sharper and more sculpted than the previous model. The X3 M comes equipped with BMW’s xDrive system, the very one used for the M5 line, which will increase wheel power at 450bhp, with the fitted active M differential. Then, its optional Competition Package should bring it up to at least 475 hp. The all-wheel drives come as a standard, and its active rear differential will come in handy to put the power down.

Its interior is fairly typical for a BMW vehicle, although it features a slightly modified dash designed that car lovers can also see in the new 5 Series.

It’s most likely BMW will count this one as its flagship model, placing it right above the X3 M40i Performance and the older X3, though there are a lot of similarities between the three vehicles. The last two are powered by BMW’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter straight six, but the X3 M40i Performance can only get to 355bhp, which can get to 62mph in about 4.8 seconds.

Comparatively, the X3 can do the same in 4.5 seconds due to its 425bhp wheel power. By comparison, the X3 M can easily surpass both of these models and get to 62mph in under 4 seconds if the 500bhp rumors are to be believed.

Can It Stand against Its Competitors?

BMW  is no stranger to competition. The manufacturer had been trying to keep up with Mercedes’ GLC 63 S, and it’s really no secret that the new X3 and its predecessor X3 M40i were both designed with this purpose in mind. But given the facts on hand so far, one question appears: can the 2019 model do that as well?

So far, it’s pretty hard to tell. Information about the new X3 M is relatively scarce and heavily relies on predictions and speculations. The X3 M40i and X3 could indicate, to a certain extent, what we can expect from the new BMW model, but it’s far from the real things.

Furthermore, even if BMW can’t rival the output of competing manufacturers, the gap between the two cars will most likely be negligible, so much so that you could just ignore it entirely. The SUV market has already welcomed the X3 M40i  and X3 with open arms, proving that BMW still has a pretty big word to say in this industry. Its reception has been overwhelmingly positive since it was released last year, so naturally, people expect the new X3 M to rise to the same level of performance, if not surpass them.

A Final Word

For now, all there is left to do is speculate, and wait until BMW tells us more about the new X3 M. Given the company’s track record, they rarely bother to release new SUV models without a few killer tricks up their sleeves, performance, and design wise.

It may be strange to give such high praise to a vehicle that hasn’t even been released yet, but the hype is very much deserved. From what you can gather from photos and sneak peek test runs, it’s improbable that BMW’s new X3 M will disappoint.


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