Instagram Marketing Benefits

Instagram Marketing Benefits

Feb 15, 2019, 6:22:37 AM Tech and Science

Instagram stands out to be the most popular social media platform than other big platforms like Facebook, twitter etc. Therefore, every company is shifting their businesses to Instagram to maximize their presence to the world. Instagram is all about pictures with its simple algorithm to display pictures according to the interest of the user, however other platforms like Facebook have a complex algorithm for displaying their news feed. Nowadays, people judge other person’s business just by their visibility on social media platforms. Therefore, we will be focusing on the most powerful and popular social media platform which is Instagram. Let’s have a look at the various benefits of marketing through Instagram.

1- Visual experience

We have experienced this thing in our lives that we get engaged in pictures more than text. Pictures capture the attention of our audience rather than text. It also offers you stories feature where you can engage your audience with the latest products to keep them updated. Therefore, a visual experience either it’s a picture or a video plays an important role in marketing your business through Instagram.

2- Build a long lasting audience

Since Facebook and Instagram and has both of the paid advertising capabilities, but somehow Instagram has something more than Facebook doesn’t have which is an organic reach. This feature of Instagram is extremely helpful because we don’t have to pay directly through dollars. However, if we talk about Facebook, we have to pay some dollars to promote to generate followers but on Instagram, we can build up our audience organically. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker to build your audience so fast on Instagram. This creates a natural relationship between you and your audience which results in an audience which lasts for long.

3- Engagement rate

Facebook which is still one of the largest social media platforms. But recently statistic showed that Instagram is growing rapidly in the social media world and its engagement rate is 70% higher than Facebook. Although both platforms have the same owner now because the owner of Facebook purchased Instagram for 1$ billion in 2012. But still, Instagram stands out for having higher engagement rates than Facebook because of its simple algorithm and clean UI.

4- Business profiles

Instagram has two account types whether it’s a personal account or a business account. Your personal account doesn’t have those special features which your business account contains. If you turn your personal account into your business account, you would be rewarded with a bunch of special features to help promote your business such as a call to action button, promoting your products through ads by paying some dollars and detailed report of your account analysis. So if you turn your account into a business account, you can avail these features and get success.

5- Analytics of your business account

Instagram provides you with a great feature for analysis of your business. Business managers can monitor their engagement with the audience; the number of followers increased or decreased, Likes and comments activities on your posts. By analyzing Instagram analytics you can easily check out which posts have higher engagements and which posts have not. Sales and leads are easily trackable through Instagram ads. As Instagram uses the same ads manager platform which Facebook uses, therefore it has the same tracking abilities which Facebook has. Tracking is one of the most important benefits of Instagram. It’s important to clearly see which ad is generating more revenue, and business owners can see this with Instagram ads. In this way, you can easily determine what would be the best strategy for your business to reach more audience. 

6- Unlimited Characters

Unlike other social platforms, Instagram doesn’t have a character’s limits for sharing the message. You can share a detailed message in the description of your posts without having any issue of limited characters. Yeah, it is true that fewer characters and a short description is more catchy to the audience but there is sometimes we need to provide more information about the product with its specs to give our audience a better idea about it.

7- Instagram synchronize with Facebook

Since both of the popular platforms are under the same ownership, therefore, they both have the same procedure for running ads. Businesses can run their advertisements at the same time on Instagram and Facebook both with easy integration. This results in double engagement to the business either they run advertisements on Facebook or Instagram, since they both have the same setup of running ads, the organic reach become doubles.

8- Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in marketing your business by displaying posts to the people you want to target. Almost every brand posts have hashtags in the description. By using hashtags, people can directly find out your brand by just putting a hashtag in the search bar. Moreover, if you want to see the people who are interested in a specific product, you can simply search the hashtags relevant to that product and check out people who are interested in that product. Thus, hashtags play an important role in marketing.


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