Stock Message Boards: What they are the Various Types

Stock Message Boards: What they are the Various Types

Feb 28, 2019, 7:16:16 PM Business

Millennials enjoy the dotcom era where instant messaging and sharing rules. However, before this form of communication took over, people used message boards to get messages across. In fact, many people still use message boards for various purposes.

One of them is to share investment advice to investors looking to build wealth through stocks. This guide aims at defining a stock message board and the various types available.

What is a Stock Message Board?

A stock message board is a type of online forum where people “gather” to share stick ideas and other valuable information and tips on finances. However, it’s important to note private citizens own and manage a majority of these boards.

Therefore, politics and other erroneous messages may come into play. For this reason, it’s vital to search for genuine stock message boards.

For instance, message boards which focus on stocks may have individuals who’ll say anything to put down a certain company despite its tremendous performance. In contrast, others will offer stellar remarks even though a certain company may have questionable a history.

Yahoo! Finance is one of the genuine boards still in existence and it can be a real gem for any participant looking for solid investment advice. All you have to do is enter the stock symbol you’re interested in and a thread of messages will pop up.

You can then go through the messages and pick out advice from them. However, for complete participation on the board such as replying to messages, you’ll have to get a login password and ID.

The Types of Stock Message Boards

Stocks and investments, in general, are wide, thus it’s important to find a message board which specializes in a particular investment such as stocks. In addition, these boards contain individual experienced investors which differ from the internet portal boards.

  • Silicon Investor – If you’re an investor looking for advice on publicly traded midsized companies, then this is the perfect site.
  • Raging Bull - This site is a jack of all trades, literally. You’ll find active speculators and day traders in this site trading advice on almost anything including specific industries and individual stocks. Thus, if you’re looking for investment advice for a mixed portfolio, this is the right place.
  • Investors Hub – In this site, members focus on the hottest small companies and those not in the investment scene.

Quick tip: While message boards offer a tremendous amount of information on various investments, you shouldn’t use it as your sole investment strategy. This is because these boards contain numerous opinions which may lead you to take drastic actions without thinking through them.

In conclusion, the internet is full of message boards which provide a platform for various discussions around specific subjects. These boards have the power to enlighten its members through shared information.

However, as a participant, you must stay alert to avoid scammers spreading erroneous information. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to select genuine information regarding stock trading to avoid hefty losses.

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