What to consider before hiring a car in Sofia

You probably have just landed in Sofia or you are planning to travel here in a short while. You must be wondering how you will be traveling around this new country and town. However, you should not worry anymore as we have some good news for you! Car hire companies in Sofia are in plenty and you can never spend a day looking for a car.


However, with the many firms to choose from comes the challenge of choosing the best firm and the best car. It is therefore very important that you have some criteria against which you are gauging the firms and the vehicles. We give you tips on how to ensure that you get the best deals for car hire in Sofia.


  • Consider the reputation of the firm


The best thing to know what to expect from any car firm is by examining its past history and reputation. History has a great way of repeating itself and it is unlikely that any firm would change anything in a given span of time.


The best way to know a firm’s history is by using the internet and looking for people’s review for a particular company. You can also ask for recommendations from family and friends who might have had an experience with the transport industry in Sofia. Don’t go for firms with poor reputations as they are likely to offer poor services.


  • Compare the prices


The secret here is comparing the services of the different firms and the prices they charge then choose the best. The mistake that most people do while in Sofia is by just going from one company that might end up overcharging and exploiting them.


You should take your time and ensure you compare several companies before deciding which to hire. This will ensure that you pay for the actual services that you are going to receive.


  • Choose the right car


Before making any commitments, you should be sure of the type of car you want. This will be greatly determined by the purpose of your car as the car to use in the urban might be different from the one you could use in the rural areas.


The firm you hire should advise you when making this decision to avoid getting problems later when you choose a vehicle that actually cannot help or serve your needs.


  • Consider insurance


Most car companies in Sofia have insurance covers for their customers. However, different companies have different insurance policies and it is important that you understand the type of insurance cover your firm have subscribed to. This will help you when making a decision on whether to take an insurance cover yourself or not.


Published by Inga Lindstromn


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