What's this thing called "happiness"?

Life has its up and downs.

I know it’s hard to believe that up and downs are something that is totally natural about life. Some people seem to have the perfect life, the perfect relationship, the perfect body, an excellent career and on top of all of that they look genuinely happy all the time. Have you ever seen someone post a photo of themselves on Instagram at their worst? – At least I haven’t. If we feel unhappy everybody around us suddenly seems to be the happiest motherf*cker on earth. We admire them and then we get angry because our own lives are anything but perfect. That’s a problematic mindset that can cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. But at which point of our lives was it that we decided to be jealous at everyone else’s happiness? When did we start to hate our own body because fitness models are way sexier? When did we start to look critically at our own lips because Kylie Jenner transformed into a frog and earns millions of dollars with it?

Maybe it comes from old habits. We are told by our parents not to be sad or depressed if something bad happens, we are told to keep our head up no matter what. When going through a hard time we are built up and motivated by our friends and family. We think it’s best to “smile away” all our problems and moments of discomfort. We listen to society telling us that looking good and being absolutely positive is the secret to success.  But most importantly, we all strive for this thing called ‘happiness’.

Some of us search for it all around the world, they travel numerous different countries and climb mountains to see if their inner peace is waiting for them at the top. Others find it hard to be alone and start going out every single night, just so they don’t have to spend a single hour feeling lonely being at the mercy of their own thoughts. They hope to find their happiness on the dancefloor of a random night club or at the bottom of a glass of wine. Others consider a specific person their “happiness” and dedicate their whole existence to a relationship and the wellbeing of that person.

But I’m telling you, no matter how hard and where you are searching for that thing that is going to make you endlessly and overwhelmingly happy for a lifetime, you are not going to find it.

The key is that life is not a ‘happy-ever-after-fairytale’, it is not meant to be perfect and happy, it is meant to be lived to the fullest. It’s meant to be the most exciting thing that’s ever going to happen to you. You can’t always feel and look happy. We all have bad days, and really bad days, and those ‘stay in bed’- kind of days. But hey, that’s just fine. Life is an endless cycle of up and downs. Just like the sun rises every morning, only to go down at night. Just as winter comes and brings us the flu and icy streets to be followed by spring and summer that fill our lives with sun and fun again. Life is changing constantly. There are times where we overflow with happiness and others where sadness feels like the only emotion our body is capable of. There are times where we make good experiences and meet great people, and then there are times where everything  seems to be going  wrong and a ton of assholes walk into our life.

The point is, that’s not tragic, the only thing that matters is how we decide to deal with it. If you are having a bad time, just make sure you don’t get stuck in that negative mindset forever, tell yourself that there are better times ahead (not just because that’s a super awesome quote on Instagram). Don’t blame yourself for being sad sometimes, don’t blame yourself for not being 100% productive every single day. You are not a machine, you are a human being, life is going on even if you are just chilling in bed for a day.

I think this is the major message I can give you. No matter how sad or full of hate you are today, you have the power to make tomorrow a better day. Every morning, you get a new chance. Focus on that, look at all the opportunities you have. You can do whatever you want! Don’t tell me you can’t. Because if you say you can’t it actually means you don’t want to because you are scared, unmotivated or simply lazy as f*ck. But no one is going to do it for you. Take your chance today, you have already wasted to many of them.


What makes YOU the happiest human on earth?

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