10 Advantages of being interrupted

10 Advantages of being interrupted

Sep 14, 2016, 5:19:08 PM Life and Styles

My life is one interruption after another. I can't shower, sleep, wee, poo, sing along to a song, eat a meal, read a sentence, have a train of thought, talk on the phone, talk to anyone, text on the phone or even sometimes have sexy time without being interrupted. Yes it's frustrating, but it's ok, I just remember the time Kanye interrupted Taylor and carry on with my day.

So taking this into consideration I have compiled a list of the advantages of being constantly interrupted.

  1. I'd be great in a pie eating contest (Eat fast).
  2. I can skim read.
  3. We save on tank water (fast showers).
  4. I don't hog the bathroom.
  5. I'm not opinionated as I cant think enough to formulate an opinion.
  6. Talk fast.
  7. Expert at hand in the face technique to fend off children.
  8. learning patience.
  9. Great at reprioritising .
  10. No foreplay required.

Suggestions for a suitable career to carry these skills over to?

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Sep 15, 2016, 12:16:54 PM

LOL!!!! Great list!!! #s 8 and 9 would be great.

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