Lonliness Busters

Lonliness Busters

Nov 13, 2016, 1:58:45 PM Life and Styles

Apparently being lonely is not good for your health, it’s as bad for your longevity as smoking. 

I often battle feelings of loneliness, which is ironic because I also just want to be left the f*&k alone a lot. 

We live in an ever increasing online world, that's cool, it does make you feel good to make connections with people, have likes on your posts, and share life events. I have figured I also need short, positive, social interactions with people, face to face, every day, to help me feel happy and whole.


Here are some tips that I have found work well for me to find interaction.


Get your kids involved in after school sport activities.                            

It's a great way to connect with other parents, sometimes I don’t even watch my kids play I’m so busy seeking meaningful conversations. Our Hockey club has a bar, every Monday evening during hockey season that’s where i’ll be found.


Walk the kids into class.

Talk to the other Mums and Dads, say hi to the teacher. Walking the kids to class is sometimes the social highlight of my day. It could be the only positive interaction with another adult I get that day, (apart from of course my ever loving, amazing, encouraging husband).

Often when I see another mother having a hard time with her kids I'll give her some words of encouragement, something along the lines of ‘remind me why i had children?’ We’ll roll our eyes at each other while we drag our kids to class.


Use an animal.

I've made a great friends through our dog, I’ll often walk the dog, stalk someone else with a dog, and ask if my dog can play with their dog on the pretence that it’s for the benefit of the dog.


Go to your local supermarket.

Talk to the customer behind you in the line. I had a lovely interaction with an older man today. We figured out we both have 5 kids. His have all flown the coop, i enquired if he was lonely, to which he replied…….f*&k no.


Make eye contact with, smile at, and talk to strangers.

Now this can be done in a variety of circumstances, but for goodness sake be sensible about picking the right stranger. Talking to strangers is great, they don't know you or your background, so will only judge you on your appearance. Once I wore slippers to our local supermarket without realising...not many strangers talked to me that day.


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