Sep 7, 2016, 3:54:58 PM Life and Styles

When I first desired to become a mother being called Mum was all I ever dreamed of. Now the words MUUUUUMMMM have me responding in a peculiar way.

I've figured that my kids have only got a few 'mums' on any given day before my responses start to rapidly deteriorate.

At the beginning of the day its a 'Yes darling?', toward lunchtime its a short 'yes?' By afternoon I'm trying to hide, I've stopped verbally responding, you may hear a grunt or a 'mmm?'.

By evening its a 'Oh for Gods sake, what do you want now?' 

Bedtime and its a 'WHAT??!!!' followed by a 'f*%k me!' under my breath. If my husband hears this he gets the wrong idea. Thats when they'll say something like, 'I love you Mum, you're beautiful'. Which leaves me feeling like the worst mother in the world for the rest of the evening. I'm thinking I might get them to call me Beyonce instead.


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