I Spy Amazing Gadgets! 7 Pieces of Real Spy Tech That'll Blow Your Mind

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I Spy Amazing Gadgets! 7 Pieces of Real Spy Tech That'll Blow Your Mind

Thanks to the internet, you can order all sorts of James Bond-esque spy tech from the comfort of your own home. Some spy technology has no real use to the average person and is just for fun, but other spy gear has applications in the real world.

Check out this list of 7 pieces of amazing spy tech.

1. Seek Thermal Camera

This incredible device costs around $250. It simply attaches to your smartphone and turns it into a thermal camera. This is some real spy stuff!

You can use it to clearly see any heat source. For example, human beings and other living things are illuminated as well as technology like computers, phones, and servers. The camera is so sensitive to heat, you can even use it to “see” through walls!

Of course, this has other real-world applications other than special operations. For example, if you're a contractor, you can use the camera to pinpoint the location of pipes.

2. Cell Jammer

This is some genuine spy tech. Owning one of these devices without the proper certifications could land you in some serious trouble.

By using one of these devices, you can block 2G, 3G, 4G, and GPS with just a push of a button. Perfect if you're on a stealth mission and you want to stop the outside world from being alerted to your presence.

Seriously though, you really shouldn’t try and use one of these things in the USA. Jamming cell phone signals is a federal crime and could land you in some serious hot water.

For example, a Florida man used a cell phone jammer on his daily commute. He did this because he wanted to stop people from talking on their cell phones while driving. Despite his good intentions, he was fined $48,000 by the FCC.

The federal government takes interfering with cell phone signals very seriously.

3. Photonic Disruptor

The photonic disruptor from Wicked Lasers is another example of cool spy gear that looks like it came straight from a James Bond movie. These lasers are capable of causing dizziness and impaired vision when they're pointed at people, but apparently don’t cause any permanent eye damage.

It should be noted that these products are intended for military and law enforcement only. They are not toys and using them without proper care and attention could result in you getting in trouble.

For example, pointing one of these things at a plane is extremely dangerous and it's considered a federal crime. Pointing lasers at aircraft could easily land you in prison.

4. Keylogging Hardware

Of course there are many software options to log someone's keystrokes, but these can easily be detected. Antivirus programs are likely to detect the software and a vigilant user may notice the process running on their system.

If you wanted to log someone's keystrokes and remain undetected, the right way to go about it is with a hardware keylogger. A hardware keylogger is an inconspicuous little device that plugs in between someone's keyboard and their computer. It logs every keystroke, but the computer won't even know it's there.

You'll need to have some espionage skills since you'll need to physically attach and remove the device without being detected. If you run a small business, you should have security measures in place to make sure no one can access the building and install this kind of tech.

5. Electric Shock Briefcase

How do you keep sensitive material safe when you need to carry it in public? With an electric shock briefcase, of course!

This briefcase is capable of emitting a 100KV shock from any one of its surfaces. This is sure to incapacitate anyone who tries to mess with it.

The briefcase also emits a high-pitched alarm, so getting the case away from you will indeed prove very difficult. You can activate the shock by pressing a button or you can also set it to activate automatically if the case is far away from you and someone tries to open it.

This type of briefcase isn't useful to just spies. It also has many other more likely applications.

For example, it's a popular product in the marijuana industry. In some cases, marijuana businesses can't use banks, so they have to carry around a lot of cash.

This electric shock briefcase is yours for just $355.

6. Gas Injection Knife

The gas injection knife is an ingenious piece of weaponry that's capable of inflicting massive damage.

There's a button on the hilt of the knife. When the button is pressed, it causes pressurized carbon dioxide to be released from the blade. If you trigger the gas while it's inside something, it'll cause a massive internal explosion.

So why use something like this instead of a gun? There are certain situations where a gun is totally useless. For example, if you're up against a shark. The next time you're planning on infiltrating a top-secret facility by the sea, consider taking one of these knives.

7. Spy Camera

Technology's progressed to the point that cameras can be made smaller and smaller. Not only is a spy camera great for revealing classified secrets, but it also has plenty of practical applications as well.

For example, you might suspect someone who works for you is stealing from you. Or you might want to prove workplace misconduct. A well-hidden spy camera can gather all the evidence you need to confirm it.

If you want to get usable footage from a spy camera, you need to set it up correctly. Common mistakes include insufficient lighting, not hiding the camera well enough, and not having enough space available on the SD card.

If you want to make sure your spy camera operation is successful, learn more about the proper placement and use online.

Spy Tech Is Amazing But Can Be Illegal

Spy tech is pretty cool, so you probably want to buy some. But when you make a purchase, you should always make sure you're on the right side of the law. Always research what you're buying and make sure you understand how to use it legally.

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