Migrate to Canada via express entry program

Migrate to Canada via express entry program

Migrate to Canada via express entry program

Canada is the most prominent and leading country to migrated to in the present times because of its rapid growth in living standards and economy. For moving to Canada, people can select one among the following visas- Canada express visa, Canada working holiday visa, student visa, visitor visa and Canada permanent resident visa. Over a past few decades,  Canada has now become a very large hub for a large amount of global trade, technological developments as well as management. It has completely shown that canada is the best country for the people who wants to get migrated.

Canada offers number of opportunities to skilled workers, businessmen and international students.

What does the Canada provide to the students, skilled workers and businessmen?

  • Businessmen

Since Canada is looking to get a large amount of capital flow in an effective and good way. So the businessmen who are likely to make investment in Canada are given permanent residence in the country. The permanent residence card is not only provided to the businessmen bit also given to the family members of the businessmen too.

  • Students

There are huge number of international students that visits Canada to pursue studies in distinct fields such engineering, sciences, businesses, arts and more. Canada offers higher level of education to the students which is not provided in other countries. Normally, Canada provides scholarships to the international students that take admissions in Canadians educational institutes.

  • Skilled workers

For skilled workers, there are numerous opportunities in Canada. Canada welcomes people that are specialised in particular areas like coding, IT, technical, non- technical and many other areas as well. Canada provide great opportunity to skilled workers at Canada VISA.

What immigration programs are being provided by Canada?

There are number of immigration programs offered by Canada-

  • Express Entry Programme.

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program.

  • Family Class Visa.

  • Visitor Visa.

  • Permanent Residency Canada.

  • Family and Spouse Visa.

  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers.

  • Provincial Nominees Program.

  • Investor Entrepreneur and Self- Employed Persons Program.

  • Canadian Experience Class Program.

Here is the list of key requirements for immigration to Canada express entry are as follows-

  • Educational requirement

Make sure that you are qualified enough to enter into Canada. Normally, Educational Credential Assessment is given during immigration.

  • Fluency in English

Canada requite people with good communication skills so that they can not face any problem while communicating with peers and communication during regular activities such as buying necessary things from shops. For this you have to take part in IELTS exam.

  • Health and character requirements

Canada requires healthy and maintained people in the country. You should be very good at health that will make you an asset to the country. So, health check- ups are done at the time of immigration. You should also have good character, as Canada only require mannered and clean character people for the country.


How to calculate Canada’s immigration points?

It's all depends on the age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency and skills. So it is good to use immigration to Canada points calculator, once you have cleared the threshold, you can apply for Canadian PR.

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