Should You Buy The Monitor With Or Without HDR?

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Should You Buy The Monitor With Or Without HDR?

Monitors are considered an asset when it’s come to play games or watch videos. For a gaming monitor, the resolution matters a lot as all gamers are rooting for a crisp and clear image. When playing the game on a monitor, the image should be bright enough to see every detail of the scene you are playing and that’s what all gamers need. People play the game with the intention to win and clear the stage as soon as possible, hence, they always look for a monitor that fulfill their needs and have enough features and functionalities so that they do not experience any delay or lag during playing the game. When gamers are up for buying the monitor, a few questions circulate in their mind. Should you buy the monitor with or without HDR?

This is the most asked question as people get confused when buying a monitor for gaming or any other purpose. And it’s really normal for the buyers to ask questions before buying instead of investing in a wrong product. There are oodles of HDR monitors on the market, some are from the renowned brands and some are from the new manufacturers as people love to have HDR monitors for gaming. So, you can easily find the best HDR monitor if you want. But the question is if you need an HDR monitor or not?

There are many people who are not cognizant of what HDR is and why they need or do not need to spend on an HDR monitor. So, let’s start from what is HDR monitor to clear the air about what it offers.

What Is HDR?

HDR stands for high dynamic range that has been using for photography for quite some time. It is capable of displaying the image with lighting, which makes the view as realistic as it is. HDR monitors are also popular these days as people are always in search of a life-like image and view when it comes to playing a game or watching a video. The visual quality is something all gamers are looking for, which can be achieved with an HDR monitor.

The HDR monitors have the technology that creates the whitest white and deepest black while balancing the color accuracy. All these bring the life-like result, which takes you into the world of games. The immersive and captivating experience is much needed when gamers are playing the games. No matter what is the lighting in the scene you are playing, you will get a vivid image as if it is a real-life scene.

If you are planning to play games on the computer, then you need to understand that not all games support HDR. On windows, you need to enable the HDR option, whereas if you are playing the game on a gaming console, then the console detects the HDR display.  If you want to reap the benefits of an HDR monitor, then the content you are watching or the game you are playing should support HDR.

Standards Of HDR

There are five standards of HDR in the market that you need to know before even making the decision if you should buy the monitor with or without HDR. Dolby vision, HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and advanced HDR are the five standards of HDR. It is completely up to you to select the one that matches with the type of quality you need.

Should You Buy The Monitor With Or Without HDR?

Now that you know what HDR is and what result it gives, it is the time to understand if you need an HDR compatible monitor or not. There is a fact that many 4k gaming monitors or gaming monitors with other resolutions come with HDR facility, which means if you need to activate the HDR functionality, you can just use it as per the requirement of the scene or you can keep it activated all the time. People are using the HDR feature to get a clear and immersive image and if you think that you do not need a detailed view, then you do not need the HDR compatible monitor.


We highlighted a question asked by people ‘should you buy the monitor with or without HDR’.  It is known to provide a detailed view and if you think you do not need such a detailed image, then you do not need to spend on it.

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