The Lowdown on Porter-Cable: The Best DIY & Travel Site to have on your Radar


The Lowdown on Porter-Cable: The Best DIY & Travel Site to have on your Radar

Porter-Cable is the power tool brand you think you've never heard of.

If you have a lot of DIY projects piling up at home, it might be time to think of power tools you need to get the job done. But then, if DIY isn't your forte, then choosing power tools may not be either. How do you decide which brands to buy?

Choosing the right tools for a DIY project is essential, especially if it's a big job or something you've been putting off for a while. You don't want to end up replacing something you just bought because the quality was off, and having to either take a break from your work or start again.

One power tool brand you may not be familiar with, by name, anyway, is Porter-Cable. More than 100 years old, the company is actually a subsidiary of Black & Decker. You can find out more about Porter Cables on RiffleNW.

A History of Porter-Cable

Porter-Cable was first founded in 1906 by RE Porter, GG Porter, and FE Cable – the trio who gave the company its name. The company was born when these three men started a machinery shop they ran out of a garage in Syracuse, New York. The focus on producing power tools came a little later, in 1914, when the company began building lathes. A production plant followed in 1917.

Porter-Cable is best known for inventing the portable band saw, portable belt sander, and helical-drive circular saw. They began making power tools in earnest after the invention of the belt sander, then called the Take-About Sander (as it was portable), in 1926. The circular saw invented in 1929 is still the most popular model today.

Sold in 1960 to Rockwell International, the company was briefly not named Porter-Cable, and focused for that time on lower-end tools designed to compete with Black and Decker. This wasn't a good move, and the company suffered before being sold again to Pentair in 1981.

In the mid-90s, Porter-Cable became the first power tool company to have materials held by the Smithsonian Museum.

Porter-Cable, Post-2000

Porter-Cable has been headquartered in Jackson Tennessee since 2000. After a series of mergers and consolidations, the company expanded its product range to include air tools, air compressors, pressure washers, and generators. Black and Decker bought Pentair Tools, including Porter-Cable, in 2004.

Picking Up a Porter-Cable Product

Porter-Cable offers a massive range of power tool products, including tools for metalwork, saws, and other woodwork tools, air compressors, drills, drivers, nailers, staplers, vacuums, brushless systems, cordless systems, and job site equipment. No matter what your project is, you'll be able to find the tool to help you!

As well as tools, Porter-Cable also has a whole bunch of accessories available to maintain and improve your power tool collection, including batteries, chargers, cutting accessories, saw blades for cutting metal, cut off wheels, dust collection accessories, sanding pads and sandpaper, pocket cutting accessories, and specialty accessories for woodwork.

It doesn't matter where you live, either. Porter-Cable has retailers up, down, and across the country. You can find your nearest retailer, or your nearest Porter-Cable service center online. 

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