5 Easy Ways to download Instagram Photos

Instagram photo downloader

5 Easy Ways to download Instagram Photos

Have you ever noticed how beautiful certain Instagram photographs are? In such a scenario, you might wish to look for a means to download Instagram photos. Fortunately, there are a few techniques that can assist you in accomplishing your goals such as using an Instagram photo downloader, etc.

Saving photos from Instagram online as a backup is also a smart idea. You may get photographs from Instagram users online without needing any software with only a few clicks. To view the detailed instructions, read the guide below.

Method 1: Use Web Browser to download Instagram Photos from One User

You may use the following approach to download Instagram images at once, regardless of whatever web browser you're using.

Step 1: Go to an Instagram user's profile page and scroll down to see all of the photographs he or she has uploaded.

Step 2: Right-click a blank area and choose "Save as..."

Step 3: Select Web Page as the Save as type, then click Save to save all pictures and the HTML file.

Then all of this Instagram user's photographs are saved to your computer. Then find the folder and remove the HTML file, leaving only the picture files to be saved. 

You may be aware that Instagram superstars and influencers frequently publish several beautiful photographs in order to gain free followers and likes, which is why so many followers desire to save images from Instagram online. Continue reading for four more techniques to make it easier.

This approach is more difficult, and it will take longer since you will have to scroll down to see all of the images. It will take some time after downloading to remove the unnecessary HTML files.

Method 2: Using Developer Tools to Download Multiple Instagram Photos

To download photos from Instagram, use the Developer Tools in your web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. This approach is ideal if you only need to save a few Instagram photographs rather than all of them.

Step 1: Go to any Instagram page where you think you'll be able to save some photographs.

Step 2: To open Developer Tools, press F12.

Step 3: Select IMG from the Network Tab and refresh this page.

Step 4: In the Developer Tools, all of the image file URLs will be shown. You may open and save any of the displayed results by double-clicking on them.


Are you looking for a more simple approach to download Instagram photos? Check out 'Method Four' further down the page.

Method 3: Using the Instagram Photo Downloader to Download Instagram Photos in Bulk

If the Instagram account has a large number of photographs that you want to save, scrolling down to load all of them may take a long time, which is annoying. In such a scenario, an Instagram image downloader may be used to download Instagram images in bulk and in a more flexible manner.

Step 1: Open the Instagram application and find out the photos you want to download.

Step 2: Copy and paste the URL in the search bar of Instagram photo downloader Instastory.net.

Step 3: Hit the “Download” button.

Step 4: The Download process shall begin and your photo will be downloaded within minutes.

Tip: Instagram Photo Downloader is compatible with all browsers or devices you are using.

Method 4: Quickly and easily download Instagram photos from any user.

This technique will help you to download Instagram images depending on the photo's URL. Furthermore, you may save images from Instagram online directly to your iPhone or iPad. 

To do so, you'll just need IOTransfer, an all-in-one Instagram Photo downloader. IOTransfer offers a free application designed specifically for downloading Instagram photos. 

It can download Instagram photos to your iOS devices that are connected to your computer. Let's look at how to use IOTransfer to download Instagram images and save them to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Part 1: Using IOTransfer to Download Instagram Photos

Step 1: Download and install IOTransfer for free on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC.

Step 2: Open IOTransfer and navigate to the Tools tab. Select Instagram Downloader and press the START button.

Step 3: Copy the Instagram photo URLs that you wish to save. When you open IOTransfer, the URL is immediately inserted. To see a preview of the pictures, click Fetch. If there are no issues, simply click Get to download them.


Simply navigate to the download route to check the photographs after the download is complete.

Part 2: Using IOTransfer to Transfer Instagram Photos to iOS Devices

IOTransfer can directly transfer images to iPhone/iPad after verifying the downloaded Instagram photos. Let's get started.

Step 1: Select Albums from the left side menu under the MANAGE option in the top menu.

Step 2: Click Create to make a new Album where you can keep all of your Instagram photos.

Step 3: Click Import to pick Instagram images to upload to iPhone from the newly created Album.

Step 4: After you've selected all of the images you wish to transfer, click Open to begin the process.

The downloaded Instagram photos will be stored on your iPhone/iPad right away. Then you can see them on the fly in the Photos app. Apart from photographs, IOTransfer can also let you download Instagram videos directly to your iPhone.

Method 5: On iPhone, download Instagram photos from a single user.

Instagram is more likely to be used on a mobile device than on a desktop computer. As a result, I'll teach you how to download all pictures from any user or a certain amount of photos from a specific user on your iOS device.

To do so, you'll need to use Apple's Shortcuts program, which was built (bought). To get started, you may grab it for free from the AppStore. You don't need to download it if you're running iOS 13 because Apple has made it a stock app.

Step 1: Get this InstaSave shortcut once you've downloaded the Shortcuts app. To download it, you'll need to open it in Safari.

Step 2: Copy the Instagram user profile URL and launch the shortcut.

Step 3: Select Complete Profile when requested to download Instagram pics from this Instagram account.

Step 4: This shortcut will then show how many photographs this person has uploaded. You may either press OK to download them all or modify the number to only download a few.

Step 5: When it's done, it'll copy all of the download URLs and then close the shortcut. To download all of this user's photographs, simply execute this shortcut again.


The first technique is more easy and quick if the Instagram user does not have a large number of photographs. The second option is better for picking and choosing which images to download. Method three is acceptable for all circumstances if you don't mind adding an extension to your browser.

All three techniques can let you download Instagram photos easily. But we recommend using Instagram Photo downloader i.e., Instastory.net. This is so because it is the most recommended and reliable method to save photos from Instagram online. 

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