Clown Hysteria All Over the World

Clown Hysteria All Over the World

Everyone who follows the news know that people dressed up as clowns have fun scaring (and terrorizing) people all over the world now.

Everything began in The United States, North Carolina, where people began spotting scary clowns in the woods. From that day on, the clown hysteria has spread all over the United States, and several clowns have been spotted, from Florida to Idaho.

Many think it’s just a strange viral marketing, due to the release of the remake of IT in 2017; Stephen King’s book from 1986 is in fact considered his horror masterwork. The scary and evil clown Pennywise, with the release in 1990 of the first mini-series IT, has in fact traumatized many.

The big problem is that many of them go too far, threating people with chainsaws and harassing young girls and children in general. The people arrested goes from 15 to 60 years old, so this is most likely to be seen as a mass hysteria more than a propaganda.

In the last month, and now before Halloween, the clown hysteria has spread all over the world. A man was walking in the woods with his grandmother some days ago in Sweden, and was attacked by a clown. He got in a fight with him, trying to defend her grandmother and the clown run away. In Great Britain many clowns have been reported to the police, molesting girls on the streets. This has really gone too far.

Even Stephen King posted a tweet where he said that it’s time to cool down the clown hysteria, and that most clowns are good, cheering up the kids and making people laugh.

Clowns used to be a fun part of most children’s parties, even though I’ve always find them a bit scary. But now these crazy people darken the good ones, using this mask to spread violence. This is absolutely not acceptable.

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