The Grinch

What I love doing before Christmas is watching Christmas movies with a cup of hot chocolate and a plaid. As you surely know there are several great classical Christmas movies to watch during this period, both on TV or Netflix (or, you can also watch DVD’s).

One of my favorites of all time is The Grinch. This comedy Christmas movie is based on a book with the same name written in 1957 by Theodor Seuss (also known as Dr. Seuss), an American cartoonist and writer who wrote several of the most popular children books of all times.

The film is directed by Ron Howard, who was inducted into The Television Hall of Fame in 2013 and has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame for his contribution to television and motion pictures (you can remember him from Happy Days, where he played Richie Cunningham).

The Grinch is a beautiful story about the real meaning of Christmas and about Christmas spirit, telling us about a strange green creature living on the rocks in the snow, isolated from the rest of the people, and disappointed by the human kind. But, he will meet a sweet little girl that will change his mind about Christmas and from which everyone can learn important lessons, more than from adults.

In the movie we have all the beautiful Christmas elements, like snow, sleds, Christmas melodies, cozy chimneys, decorations, and a big Christmas tree.

Also, nobody could play the Grinch better than Jim Carrey.

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