The Lord of the Rings Soundtracks

Howard Shore is the musician that composed the beautiful melodies of all The Lord of The Rings movies; he actually wrote many hours of music, and ten of them was released in a complete CD/DVD boxing set.

While we’re watching the films the music always fits in brilliantly, with the protagonists, their actions and the places they discover during the path. To achieve this goal, Shore composed the music threading through the scores more than 90 leitmotifs. We’re talking about one of the best cinematic soundtracks of all time, winning literally every possible recognition: Oscar for Best Song, Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, and many more. Shore’s music for The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular motion picture score in history!

The music for the films was performed by the amazing London Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, and the main instruments used was flutes, horns, piano, harps, and violins.

What’s amazing about this music and what not so many people know is that the great majority of the lyrics used into the film score of The Lord of the Rings are in the invented languages of Middle-Earth, representing various cultures and races in Tolkien’s writings; the score has also been analyzed by a very famous linguist, David Salo, who have studied for the most of his life Tolkien’s languages and has also written a book, A Grammar for An Elvish Language from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

All the music from The Lord of the Rings is now performed by orchestras and choirs all over the world in various concert halls, with visual art shows.

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