Epic battles, beautiful landscapes and enchanting plot, the new 2016 fantasy movie Warcraft is a great work by producer Duncan Jones. As everyone of you surely knows, the film is an adaptation of the real-time strategy Warcraft video game, one of the most famous fantasy video games of all time.

The movie tells us about the first encounter between humans and orcs and takes place in several locations (Vancouver was the city were most of the scenes were filmed).

The computer-generated images and visual effects are insanely good in this film; post-production lasted 20 months, so it was a really long work. The variety and complexity of the film is incredible, with crowds, characters and magic creatures.

The protagonist of the movie is Anduin Lothar, played by the charismatic actor Travis Fimmel (already known as actor of the renowned historical-drama television series Vikings); here he plays a military commander of the Humans, and he has a really difficult choice to take: doing what’s best for his family, or doing what’s best for the whole race.

Not all the Orcs are seen as bad characters, in fact in the film we also have good Orcs; Humans can trust them, and work alongside them, that’s the only way in which the common enemy can be defeated.

There are also other fascinating characters in Warcraft, as Garona, a young half-orc that has to be tough to survive, and Khadgar, a young wizard, student and Guardian, that senses the presence of dark magic.

I saw some interviews of the Behind the Scenes of Warcraft, and all the actors underline how an amazing experience it was to be able to recreate this fantastic universe and how innovation is surprisingly mixed with imagination in this film.

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Published by Iole Catanzaro

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