My Life Mantra | More About Me

My Life Mantra | More About Me

I feel like you can learn a lot about a person from the way they write. And, as this is my first post here on MTS, I feel like you all need to be able to put a face, and a personality, to the person typing behind the screen, as well as find out a little bit more as to what I will be posting on here and what I am all about.

So, lets first start off with me. I've always been interested in writing; from a young age I was always jotting down little stories in notebooks. I've also always been an avid reader. A I grew older, I realised that writing stories wasn't for me, and I slowly discovered the online world: I found YouTube and BlogSpot (now Blogger), and unearthed a whole online world of beauty bloggers, travel bloggers and many more who wrote and spoke about whatever they wanted to, and built communities of like minded people from all over the world. This idea seemed very temping to me, but plucking up the courage to CREATE one was hard. After 3 years of reading and following blogs, I eventually decided to delve into the world f being a creator. Which leads me to where I am today.

Another major thing in my life is acting. My mum is a drama teacher, and I used to attend her youth theatre groups all the time. Eventually I realised that I loved performing, joined a proper youth theatre and have never looked back since. Since then, I have been in 3 professional performances on stage, as well as performing in youth theatre productions and amateur dramatics. I now cannot see myself going into any profession other than acting. I quit school to attend a Performing Arts course at my local college for a year and I will be moving to Newcastle in September to study Drama at University for 4 years. I have met some of my best friends through acting and it's something that has boosted my confidence majorly over the past 10 years.

One of the main things I want to promote on this blog is adventure and travel, and my main mantra regarding this is finding adventure close to home. As a student, I have serious wanderlust, but finding the money to be able to jet off to all of the countries on my list is impossible unless I work my butt off! What many don't realise is that there are places a few minutes away from them that hold many adventures. For example, near me, there is a field just opposite of me that has a forest and a beautiful stream that me and my friends always paddle through during the rare summer days here in the UK. Travel blogging is what I started out with when I first created my blog (hence the name), but I struggled with content after a while as I couldn't afford to travel regularly. I then added lifestyle and beauty content to my blog.

This is the kind of content I want to post on here, although I do want to keep this and my personal blog separate in some way. Some posts on here will be original and slightly different to the ones on my personal blog, some will be posted both on here and on there.

I hope that these articles will interest you all and I hope you have learned a little bit more about me. Feel free to check out all of my social media accounts to see what I am up to on a daily basis and, whilst you wait for my next post, check out my personal blog here for regular posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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