5 Creative Ways to Maintain Client Relationships

Client Relationships

5 Creative Ways to Maintain Client Relationships

May 6, 2020, 5:31:39 PM Business

Today it seems as though companies are thriving online. We see how social media magnifies brands and organizations through their willingness to be distinctive with their content, bolder with their posts, and vulnerable with their live streaming.

Although we want to point out that it is not the only way that a company can maintain its client relationships. We are not downplaying the importance of a robust online presence, but the impact of physically reaching out to a client has not regressed.

1. Communicate Their Significance to You

The best idea that we could recommend is to deliver personalized gifts to them through a courier (see Courier Service Los Angeles), such as pens, phone cases, or even mousepads. This is also a great way to raise brand awareness for your company as everyone in the client’s workspace will be able to see your company logo, and most importantly, how you care about your clients.

Since someone has purchased your product or service, you want them to know that you appreciate their time and money, and how better to do this by sending a small souvenir that returns the attention.

2. Reiterate Your Relevance

Boost your social media presence by setting up a ‘content-calendar’ that you can follow. The idea is that you remain relevant through consistent posting, live streaming, and advertising on every single social media platform you can. The idea is to allocate any particular social media event three days a week, such as a live stream on Instagram every Wednesday, a Facebook story about your current extraordinary every Friday, and so on.

Regular and consistent posting not only allows followers to like, comment and reshare your posts, but it creates a platform where both parties can reach out to one another. Be it a question regarding your product or service, an invoice inquiry, or where your branches are, or any other crucial information regarding your business, social media is a great tool that we recommend you utilize to its full extent.

3. Get Personal with The Help of Technology

We understand that making a personal connection with each one of your clients is daunting, which is why we need to highlight the importance of utilizing a tool that auto-populates the name of each client into your email campaign from the client database.

If your website has cookies enabled, it can use this information to suggest content that the customer could read about on your blog. Mobile applications can employ analytical algorithms that monitor and take notes of what your customer is looking at and buying so that it can curate recommendations based on that data.

4. Prioritize Customer Feedback

Most customers might not be as blunt as what they could be online, anonymously, so as for live feedback, we recommend a regular phone call, or enabling a live chat support feature on your website. Set up online surveys and polls on your website, or perhaps through a mailer, although bear in mind that some customers tend to be braver online. Either way, any feedback must be approached as constructive criticism.

5. Create an Online Community

Having your online community is an excellent idea as customers can support each other and answer each other’s questions about your product or service, which means less effort for you. However, setting one up may seem quite overwhelming. We strongly suggest that you look at channels such as Zula, HipChat, Slack, and Yammar.

Your first step is to find ‘founding-members’ in your company who will head up this project. They will need to find a vendor for the community, define terms of use, and eventually launch the virtual community online.

Published by Irfan Ahmed

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