How Do I Get My Website on the First Page of Google?

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Google is the best search engine of the internet in this modern period. Every single activity of our daily life depends upon Google. About millions and millions of people scrolling the Google through the internet .Google is called as the king of the internet era. And we depends on Google to take every decision so, Google is the most powerful tool it consists of automated computer systems which crawls throughout the internet randomly through numerous website and take screenshots of them .It scans every image, text ,links and content of the website and saves them in a massive database which provides relevant result while searching the information through it is very important to get in the top ranking result on the Google because 90 percent of people on Google visits first page of  the Google to get their information. And most of them visits only 3 top results. As long as number increases click through rates decreases.

Hence it is very important to get in to first page of Google. As it increases the visibility of our website and we can get immediate exposure. Increasing in visibility is like sowing the seeds in well fertile land. It improves the leads and gain contacts to promote the business and it earn trust by placing in a professional engine and it can easily build your target audience so everyone think of how to rank website on Google? The answer to the above mentioned question is techasoft It is a SEO service company  which provides excellent website tracking tricks to result in the top page of the Google.

The below are the website ranking factors which helps you to get your website in the first page of the Google.

# Select Your Keywords

Selection keywords is the backbone of SEO practice. The correct keyword enables you to improve ranking and visibility in the search engine. It also boost traffics. It is the most important process of the SEO practice. In order to find the best keyword put yourself in the customer place and think like him to choose the correct keyword. Identify the target audience and analyses the competitors tactics and strategies about the key words and understand the benefits of long tail keywords and always analyses the final result.

# Tell Google Your Keywords

Google works by analyzing and scanning inventory of millions and millions of pages. When your website is well organized term. It is much easier for Google to display your website in a quicker way. If you place your key words in a perfect place the Google scan the index easily and display it in a first page of the Google. The places which are good to include keywords are title tag which is the main target to place keyword, Meta description tags and URL.

# Local Map

It is an easy tactic to get location based customers. With better techniques it can easily help the small growing company to tackle the large companies. Local map SEO is the very important one which helps the locating the business. Besides adding contact information. If you provide code to the map of your location helps the customers to reach the destination along with certain information like instruction to direction, opening and closing hours and social media links.

#Optimize For Mobile

It is the process of optimization of mobile which confirm that the visitors who access the site does not having any hassle while operating with mobiles. Mobiles usage all over the world increased at a tremendous amount. Mobile site viewers are more in number than desktop site viewer’s. Page speed is more important for mobile users. It is advisable to not use flash or other redirects. Google always favors a responsive website which can resize, load, run on any type of screens.

#Write For Humans

Make sure that writing for SEO is the writing for humans. We should use keywords in the body of the content or the places which it have to places in a natural way without key stuffing connect to the reader with appealing basic emotions as like audience and write like the way you talk use friendly and use simple words .

# Focus On User Experience

The website should fulfill the needs of the user. Rather than being mobile user friendly, design the website user friendly to create a seamless experience on your website.

#Google Ads

With the help of Google ads we can monetize our website. It is an advertising network run by Google which shows relevant advertisement on your network. It comes in all type of shape, size and text with text, video and images. And it works based on bidding system. It is also easy way to earn money from your website.


These are the top website ranking factors help you to achieve the top page of the Google. The above simple website ranking tricks results in good SEO oriented results.

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