What is the easiest way to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

What is the easiest way to Sharpen a Chainsaw?

Nov 15, 2021, 2:29:22 PM Life and Styles

A chainsaw is the best tool to cut a tree or any other wood in a very easy and faster way, but the number of times you use a chainsaw its chain starts getting dull. If your chainsaw starts getting hard to use means you need to apply pressure for cutting, it will require sharpening of your chainsaw.

Well, if you know the right tool to sharpen the chainsaw and you know the right way to use them then it will be easy for you to make it in a proper working condition.

Here are some easy steps to sharpen a chainsaw:

Step 1: How to know when to sharpen your chain

The chain from the chainsaw needs to be sharpened and if you notice that the savings cut from your chainsaw are very fine or if it is not cutting properly that means your chain needs to be sharpened.

Step 2: Tight the vice while the chain is attached to it.

Place your chainsaw on a holder and tight it’s vice and just make sure that the vice is attached with the chain and the chain is not pressed because it needs to move freely on the holder bar.

Step 3: Now hold the circular file perpendicular to the bar.

The simplest way to hold a file is to hold the handle of the file with one hand and place your other hand on the other end of the file.

Step 4: Find the alignment marks of your chain link and align the file parallel to it.

Every cutting tooth in the chainsaw has a small line on the top of its tooth and that line will be parallel to the cutting edge. Now the most important thing is to make sure to place your file parallel to the mark to make a cutting edge.

Step 5: Place the file in the chainsaw notch and now apply some pressure towards the cutting edge and top of the tooth.

The tooth in the chainsaw is the cutting part of it so it is crucial to apply pressure on both the back and top of the tooth. It is the part that is cutting the wood.

Step 6: Push the file slowly from inside to the outside of the tooth.

Push the circular file parallel to the line on the tooth and maintain the pressure and speed constant mode. Now repeat this method 3 times on each tooth.

Step 7: File one tooth, skips the tooth behind, and move to the next tooth.

Don't think that you are ignoring some teeth because if you sharpen the teeth just from one side then it's of no use. So it is important to gap the teeth while sharpening on the side and then sharpen the other side. Now every tooth will sharpen equally.

Step 8: Make sure every tooth is sharpened properly

Well, check the shiny part on the cutting edge, and if you find no shine on the tooth means it needs to be sharpened for consistent use.

Step 9: After sharpening the chain remove the bar from the vice and it's ready to use. Just take a try first if it cuts well then you can continue your work.

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