The truth about regrets and taking safe routes

The truth about regrets and taking safe routes

"My only regrets are the moments when I doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy". -Dan Howell 

This quote stood out to me because it made me think about all the times I've taken the safe route in my life. It made me ponder about what I most regretted. My mother always told me to never regret anything that I did in my life. She said every individual experience I've gone through happened for a reason and that there is always a lesson to learn from them. I know, what a wise woman. Although what she said makes sense, I believe that regretting moments in your life is okay. It only becomes a problem if you let these regrets consume your life. Most of my teen life was wasted on taking safe routes, one of the many things I regret. I relied on my safety net of not taking risks in fear of the outcome. This caused me to miss out on so many opportunities. The reason I'd take these safe routes was because of my anxiety. It would get so bad that I could not physically communicate my thoughts or feelings without bursting into a mess of tears. The fear of getting anxious and embarrassing myself led me to favor taking the safe route in situations. Someone would invite me out, I'd automatically say no. All these missed opportunities because I thought I was making a smart decision. I was too fearful to explore anything. Soon, my depression became another massive problem in my life. I was too afraid to do anything which then resorted in me being extremely unhappy with myself, this then turned into a list of regrets. I spent four years of my life being scared. Four years destroying my self esteem, my body, and my opportunities. Four years making my life a living nightmare but also the lives of others. Four years. I've never regretted anything so badly. 

We only get this one life. It can be hard and many obstacles will most likely come but we should take it on with full force. I know I'm done wasting my time dwelling in my own puddle of fear and misery. It is as simple as saying, "why be sad when you can be happy?" Don't spend your life being unhappy with the choices you've made. Even more important, don't spend life hiding in the shadows, being afraid of what the world has to offer. We should all experience the unpredictable ride we call life. Don't let obstacles take the fun out of what is rightfully yours. Live your life and thrive. 


Published by Iridian Garcia


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