"Haunted aliens" are coming to Earth

When life and death are simple concepts between love and hate, angels are dancing in the arms of bleeding demons, laughing at their own pain…


            Year 100 AD, Tuscany, Old Italy

            A new soul is about to die. A pure one, full of truth and glowing essence that will bring light into the misty future, one more time. This time for the ultimate answer. An answer that is about to change the course of life and mark in blood a place, a victim and a day, chosen by the mysterious fate that lays in the deepness of the Universe, hidden far away from the naked eye of mere, uneducated mortals.

            The sacrifice is scheduled to take place on the streets of old Tuscany, where Etruscan civilization norms still apply without letting the Romans erase it with their royal modernism. Old people keep the laws of nature clean and unmodified as well as the signs they receive from the Gods who only reveal their secrets to the chosen ones. Among the old houses made of cheap stone, placed on both sides of the narrow, dusty streets, two peasants are carrying a baby lamb all the way from its giving owner, over hills covered in green, virgin grass, to the Bridge of Fortune where the poor, helpless animal will find its last breath. They are both young and honored to be part of such an important ritual, which takes place so rare and so unexpected. One of them can’t take his eyes of his own feet, as he is feeling somewhat unworthy of such divine honor while the other one lets a smile shine on his face every now and then, grateful that his life reached its purpose and convinced that he will go to Heaven. The animal glances at them almost like he is knowing what is about to happen, shaking from time to time but never thinking to escape his own fate. It’s a white lamb, with almond-shaped eyes and, in the rare moments of making some sounds, he confirms to be the most innocent one in the world as his voice rings like a bell would in a church calling the parishioners to attempt the sermon. They are finally reaching their destination and the old lady is waiting for them peacefully, at the middle of the bridge that, other times, helps to get on the other side of a small river.

“We are here, Sheila. Found the best one in town!”

“Did you, indeed? I can see he is a little skinny and his fur is a little yellow as well. But he has the eyes of an innocent heart.”

“We washed him. It’s how his natural color is. He is only five months old. He was mentally cleaned since birth.”

“Put him down!”

“He will run!”

“I know my souls well. They never run from me!”

            The two men did as they were asked to and Sheila starts the ritual with the strength that guided her hands in the past half a century since she decided to walk the Earth in this human form. When she discovered that she has this gift she was only a child of seven years old. No one taught her and no one stopped her either. She put her life in the hands of the Gods and so far, they never let her down. For three days she didn’t eat a thing and her body, as well as her mind, are fully prepared to read all the signs hidden inside the innocent animal waiting to be killed. Her white, long hair was playing in the wind like the river waves traveling under the holy bridge and her fringed mantle was following the flow of her hair creating a harmony around her motionless body.

She places the lamb in front of her and starts speaking in the old Etruscan language that only a few Romans can understand and those are from the elders, who can still master the secret of energy well enough and can feel united with the Mother Nature and their Gods.


            Saying that, Sheila turns her face toward the South and washes her hands into a bowl prepared ahead of time, as she is letting the last rays of the sun dry them and penetrate them with their divine energy. The men are watching her and praying for the soul of the lamb as she is grabbing an old knife placed next to the bowl and separates the animal’s head from its body with one move, leaving no time for the lamb to make any sound of pain. He went peacefully. His soul was not only in Heaven but in the most beautiful part of it from which is going to bring now, the light of the future in front of Sheila’s eyes. She moves the knife gently down his lifeless body and opens it in two, cutting deep enough to see its entrails and be able to examine them with the eyes of her heart. Not many women can be Haruspex and have the force to butcher an animal so easily, yet, so firm and Sheila knows better than anyone else where to cut and what she is looking for. 


            As she is closing her eyes, Sheila starts speaking toward the peasants, while having her hands placed well inside the lamb’s corpse:

“When the girl with a star on her face will kiss Death, great creatures will fall from the sky. Creatures that no one saw before, with incredible strength and glowing energy that will freeze all those who dare to look straight at them. They will start a war with the humans and put their entire species through eternal pain in order to maintain their own survival. They will come to win the Universe and Earth is its heart. The Gods have spoken.”

            The two men wish they would understand or even care for it as much as Sheila does, but that is not what they are meant for. Their mission is over as soon as the lamb is dead and all they have to do after that is witness a historical moment that they are not even aware of at its full dimensions.

“Take the lamb into town and leave me alone, men! I need to pray!”

            The two peasants obey her one more time and leave the Bridge of Fortune, as Sheila is falling on her knees in front of a spot of still warm blood, with the lamb’s head watching her from only a few centimeters away. Its meat will be grilled in the market and shared with the other peasants as the ritual requires, but the head will never be brought back. It has to stay there, forgotten, until nature will claim its rights over it and reintegrate it in the circle of life.

“Have mercy! Protect the virgin and her people! Cherish life and keep the falling stars away from this beautiful planet of ours! Oh, you might Aplu! Hear my cry! Create a home for my future souls!”


[1] “This is the Sanctuary! Offer the Water as a Libation for the Gods!”, translation from Etruscan language

[2] "The Haruspex has given this as a gift to APLU.", translation from Etruscan language


Published by Irina Maria Tracy


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