Why we shouldn’t cancel Christmas

People who don’t believe in magic are sad. And usually unhappy. Therefor they wonder about everything, trying to find a way to believe in different things that would save them from the routine created by society, lifestyle, jobs and habits. Usually these are the people who put down magic, and those who dare to believe in magical aspects of life. Like Santa. Santa is nothing else but a belief, a magical one that somehow managed to make us happy for decades even if only once a year.

Children see Santa as an old man with a bag full of toys and they love him. They wake up early on Christmas morning anxious to see what they got,  and they tear with joy the wrapping paper on each box that is resting under the Christmas tree. Because children believe not only in Santa, but in magic. They actually think that if they are good all year round, they will get the toy they are longing for. Without asking themselves scientific questions like: how does that old man carry toys for million of children? Or how does he fit in the chimney? They simply…believe and that makes them happy. And once they are told that Santa doesn’t exist they are sad and try to find something else to believe in. Some remain in the field of magic and believe in their dreams, and unicorns and by doing that they keep hope. But some, end up being one of those unhappy people who don't believe in magic and try to dig in deeply into the scientific explanations. They end up eventually questioning what is right and what is wrong, because once they drop magic, they don’t just lose the capacity to believe in it but to believe in everything else. If Santa doesn’t exist simply because it doesn’t make sense, then who said God created the world in 7 days? That is highly illogical also therefore, deep down they don’t believe in that either. And love? Who said if you are in love you shouldn’t keep wondering about other possibilities in the world? And they keep living wondering about everything, turning to drugs to hallucinate because their imagination is not powerful enough to hallucinate on its own. They start to question their life, their love, their religion and also their values…justifying it all with an “open mind eager to experience”.

Once you stop believing in Santa, you stop believing in magic and eventually, you just stop believing. Period. Magical aspects of life are based on our capacity to imagine things. We can look at a Christmas tree and truly, once a year, try to actually wait for an old man to put presents underneath it. Yes, we know that probably our parents or spouses woke up in the middle of the night to carefully put the gifts there, but to choose to believe that Santa really came, and wake up on a Christmas morning running to the Christmas tree to get your presents, it is priceless. That is magic. Once we lose that… We don’t just kill our faith in everything but also our inner power to imagine amazing things. Each person is an entire Universe. A universe created by what they allow themselves to believe in, by what they allow themselves to see and by what they allow themselves to imagine. And I tell you something, guys: To stay in your house, actually waiting for Christmas to come like you used to do in your childhood, to actually write a letter to Santa and choose to believe he will come to you in spite of all the logic and science in this world, it is indeed…priceless. Just as priceless as believing you have an angel who takes care of your steps, a God who created a world in 7 days, a Jesus who was born of a virgin and a love who is stronger than your desire for lust. People who manage to keep all that through the crazy times that life puts them through….are the happy ones.


Published by Irina Maria Tracy


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