Mythology Corner: Arachna

Mythology Corner: Arachna

Jul 2, 2016, 3:18:39 PM Life and Styles

                The Ancient Greeks were never ones to waste a good story. Most Greek myths not only explain the world as it is today, but also teach us a valuable lesson, or two. The story of Arachna is no exception. If you think that “Arachna” sounds like “arachnophobia” you may remember this tale.

                Arachna was a Greek woman who lived so long ago that the gods would still visit the earth in her time. A skilled, and not too humble weaver, Arachna was very confident in her skills. So confident, that her hubiris, or lack of humility, came to the attention of the goddess Athena. Now, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, war and the crafts- so technically Athena invented viewing. But that didn’t stop Arachna from telling everyone that would listen that she could beat Athena.

                So Athena arranged a contest between herself and the human. Understandably, the human lost and Athena turned Arachna into a spider so that the later can forever spin and weave. And that, my friends it where spiders come from.

                From this tale, we learn several important lessons. One, that spiders were once human and are generally misunderstood creatures. Two, that there is usually someone, like a supernatural being, who is better then you. That doesn’t mean that you should give up what you do, but staying humble will keep you from quite a bit of unpleasantness like, say, turning into a spider. 

Published by Irina Yakubin

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