UCLA under Lockdown after Active Shooter Situation

UCLA under Lockdown after Active Shooter Situation

Jun 1, 2016, 5:22:01 PM News

     A possible murder suicide at the University of California Los Angeles’ Boelter Hall left 2 people dead and the campus in lockdown. The campus was locked down via BruinAlert at 10 am and law enforcement responded quickly. The lockdown was lifted at 12:26 pm leaving students shaken. The president has been briefed and the investigation is due to be turned over to homicide.

                The incident offered a week before finals week while many students were on campus attending review sessions. Gunshots were reported in Engineering building 4, or Boelter Hall at UCLA’s south campus. BruinAlert, the campus safety system quickly went into effect, alerting students to seek cover and to stay put. Law enforcement responded quickly and efficiently, thanks to previous tactical training. The city was put on tactical alert prompting LAPD, the ATF, The SMC police, the LA fire council and even the FBI to send officers to help ensure that the campus was safe.

 Students around Boelter hall were released in small groups and patted down by officers. The lockdown was lifted at 10 am this morning with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck declaring the campus safe. Law enforcement officers recovered a weapon as well as the bodies of what has been ruled a murder suicide. A possible suicide not is under investigation.

                UCLA Students have been released and classes have been cancelled for the day. Final Exams and commencement are scheduled to go on as planned. 

Published by Irina Yakubin

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