The Key to Our Mental Prison

The Key to Our Mental Prison

Oct 2, 2017, 4:33:30 PM Life and Styles
Meditation can help us reach states of calm, reduce stress and anxiety. It can also teach us how to move consciousness to and from various parts of the body. For those who dive deeper, it is also a tool in preparation for moving consciousness behind the eyes and through the portal for a conscious death  process. It is most effective at unlocking us from our own mental prisons.

Meditation for Clearing Negative Thought Forms

We have billions of thoughts a day and each thought form creates a spirit (spiraling energy) that will eventually be transform, elevated, or mutated into something else. Each thought form can also remain lodged in various parts of our body temple. Those thought forms spoken out loud, in our foods, and that are swimming through our atmosphere are also ingested by us and lodged into various parts of our temple.  We can learn to use meditation to project our conscious awareness to clear those parts  of us that are holding onto negative energies. This tool for transforming negative energies is known in all traditions as the best non physically-invasive tool for the re-balancing of our inner world.
I offer you these for your consideration:
1. recognize that we already spend 1/3 of our life without the functional use of a body (we call this sleep). We can use meditation to do some of the work we already do in our sleep but for some this can support you in a more conscious way.
2. entertain the possibility that we could also spend "time" without the functional use of a physical body and this time is what some call permanent sleep or death
3. consider what we now encounter in our mediation or sleep, we also encounter when we return to our flesh awake state but we have the awareness to altar it in the physical form
4. imaging that we are in essence preparing for something greater than the short life we experience in the flesh
While some may fear this deeper perspective of meditation and have chosen to make meditation "non-spiritual" it doesn't take away from this possibility.  The deeper knowledge of self that meditation can provide will eventually move us to embrace deeper understanding of our inner self. For some this can also cause us greater dissonance or pain in their day to day. 
We have the ability to return consciousness back into our flesh being for carnal alterations. Fortunately, we also have the ability to raise consciousness to our non-flesh being for spiritual "alterations."
Steps you can take:
​1. learn to meditate, basic meditation for a few minute a day is a good place to start
2. learn about consciousness, what it is and how its works will help you understand your non-physical self 
​3. courageously face your inner demons and your fears during your lifetime here
4. accept within you is all that is outside of you (good and bad - you are all of it)
​5. commit to healing yourself from the inside out and take responsibility for your own healing
​6. gradually step away from the illusion that you are your body. You are the life force within it, your body is temporary.
7. practice breathing techniques. We all will reach a time when we take a final exhalation without another inhalation.

​Releasing Fear of the Ending of Things

I had the knowledge and appreciation of "death" as a transition phase from early on. I appreciated the ending of things. Over the years,  I was indoctrinated with the belief that endings was something to fear. Gradually, I regained some of my sanity on this subject but still find it hard to talk about with some people. I've been told I had a morbid sense of humor. To me "death" is a doorway to something greater and I don't mean heaven or hell. I don't share those concepts. While I've purged some of the fears that our society associates with endings, I'm aware the process or releasing false views may continue for a while.

Our Last Breath

Common sense tells us that our next breath is never promised. Yet we trust our next inhalation will be there waiting for us.  So we go about our business. Sooner or later, we all reach a time in our lives when we get closer to our mortality and some of us react with fear.  The older I get, the more I am witnessing this around me. Many are clenching to physical life as if its all there is and they are clawing at the physical world causing pain to selves and loved ones.  
Learning to associate less and less with the flesh is a sacred art taught in many sacred books, temples and spiritual schools. When we are not so clingy to the systems but focus more on the lessons within the doctrines, we may just find what we are all looking for deep re-connection with our inner light.

Published by Irmina Tutu

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