The Sacred Art of Womanhood

The Sacred Art of Womanhood

Jul 26, 2017, 3:30:34 PM Life and Styles
The Western world has been out of balance for some time. It’s called out for a return of sacred womanhood to rebalance society. Some of you may have heard the call or felt the pull. Unfortunately, there’s also some confusion about this role. 


Womanhood is a craft and art. We are not born with the soft and hard skills to take on this role entirely unless instructed by one who has walked a similar path. All ancient societies practiced some form of woman societies where mysteries are passed down to sustain life. Today, it appears we need womanhood mentors to help nurture our sons and daughters back to wholeness. With proper nurturing in the right environment, the devotion and practice it takes are accessible to us all.
She is our sustainer of life giving forces on this planet. Make no mistake; spiritually the "sacred mother" is the power behind the activated force. She lends her energy to those who need it, but it always returns to her. Without her life will cease to exist as we know it.  While life is created (fertilized) by masculine force, her power is required to maintain life; else it is stillborn, or our creation is lifeless and soulless.  Unaware, many women today volunteers away this power often to their detriment.
Womanhood mysteries were once passed down from generations to generations. These mysteries ensured woman took a conscious role in their development without hidden hands outside of their lineage and society.  Cut off from wise elders to pass on this information; she's left at the mercy of those with interests and motives that often counteract her personal and community development. When presented with mentors who can support, she will often respond suspiciously and will revert to what is familiar and comfortable instead of reaching towards her spiritual transformation.
The way men see the world through the lens of the application of linear force is one sided. His perspective is neither wrong or right. It just is.  The role of the creatrix in woman introduces the spiral (spirit) energies to counter and balance his worldview.  Without her energy or power our spiritual transformations come to a halt and life does not renew.
In more recent times, we've seen a deeply polarized version of woman as creatrix. She is depicted as a witch or mad woman, who is either meek or  “wild.” Her full spectrum which is infinite remains hidden from our view.  A woman in her fullness is hard if not impossible to pin down. Within her exist a complete range of archetypes within infinite realms of youth, womb, mother, and crone. Each will full spectrum of expressions. Yes, that's a lot of woman. Few women today seek or reach their fullness of expression. 
We often mistake the womb (creatrix) archetypes with the mother archetypes. They are not the same. But on that in another article. Largely suppressed in Western society, the womb archetype is the creatrix who partners with man as the creator (little "c"). Bear in mind; each pattern contains infinite forms of expressions which can appear in conflict with this out of balance patriarchy that we see today. She seems to be “too much.”  As a result, she is seated on an invisible throne as head of demons and given roles like Tiamat and other multi-headed dragons. Popularized by movies who finds her sexuality, sensuality, and creationist aspects fanciful, many young women get caught up on the appearance of power and never learn how to yield true feminine power. Or she is lessened to her lowest and least powerful form as a sex tool for objectification. Keep in mind her role in the root chakra queen is equally valuable - sex keep the world going, but it has its place. The key is balance and wholeness. Not imbalanced, separation or division which when out of balance becomes quite suicidal and can only life through what it seeks to create. We see this today with a continuous dissection and polarization of life though imbalance of intellect and wisdom - or masculine and feminine . 

Sacredness of Womanhood

One of many sacred roles of womanhood is feminine leadership. The feminine leader is the one who succeeds her predecessor by renewing and sustaining the lifeblood of her spiritual lineage. She then teaches others to do the same. She is complementary to a divine and balanced patriarchal system – which unfortunately does not exist today (except maybe in maybe a handful of isolated communities). Together the masculine and feminine could build and nurture cohesive nations that are at one with nature and the cosmos. An infinitely renewable process when both roles are honored (visualize the Yin/Yang symbol as a moving in time and space or 4D wheel NOT stagnant as its often depicted in 2D symbols or pictures).
She, as a human being, reflects the life sustaining aspects of nature. She reflects the life balancing cycles that keep our more linear thinking opposite from blindly going off cliffs, setting towers ablaze or jumping out of tall towers they’ve built.. She is infinite power. Bear in mind, the masculine is infinite force.  She helps women and children restore their spiritual destiny and learn to live in ways that are consistent with their purpose and bio-spiritual design. She is neither weak nor meek. She can destroy all of her creations with a single thought form. Her ability to control movement of the masculine energies in her environment for the most part is still subconscious and suppressed. 

Division Instead of Devotion

Most women will thrive when placed in environments filled with devotion and harmony. Since it is her that has the power to break down, and destroys social systems without force, she is the first target of spiritual warfare. Spiritual here refers to anything that is unseen. Her belief, dedication, rituals, and ways of being (lifestyle) is targeted first, then she will naturally reflect this to her children.  Conquering societies have long known if you can monitor and direct the focus of women in any community, you can control the direction of that community. This is why some societies protect the influence of their women by any means necessary. Those who don't nor understand the art of spiritual warfare pay dearly. Notice I said control of focus NOT control of behavior. You do not have to control behavior, just the focus. The behavior follows the focus. Our focus is unseen and mental - it is spiritual. The means for controlling is also unseen, mental and spiritual.  Our focus is based on what we give attention to, which is easily manipulated by our five senses. While she holds power to influence through her natural behavior, an undeveloped woman will give away this power willingly and quite easily. Again, her children will follow her acts subconsciously.  Mimicry is our way for the first 7-12 years of our lives. We do as others do, until we know who and what we are.  Few women understand or are willing to accept this feminine power and often become the enemy within creating both self and community destruction without an inch of awareness that they are responsible. The solution is devotion to a cause that comes from the spirit of ones heart. 

Spectrum of Womanhood

She is patient, calm, creates and nurtures collectives. She is also quick, wild, destroys and feeds division. She is the glue which helps to link multiple generations both spiritual and in the physical. She can also withhold this “glue” and invite chaos into the most undesirable places. While her role as a healer is being re-commissioned today, I’ve noticed few woman know what steps to take. Periodically she is re-introduced to us as a sex symbol popularized through media. Unfortunately, this creates more spiritual disharmony and keeps her in her lower chakras. She is the creatrix and the destroyer who yield both sword and lotus. All the chakras have their role; imbalanced lower chakras eventually will suffocate her in her darkness.
Sacred womanhood is none other than the compassionate mother archetype often skewed as the fierce and loving matriarch. She may be matrilineal, but she is not a matriarch.

Qualities of A Sacred Woman (Depth of "Sacred Feminine")

•    She is on her divine path and moves with inner confidence and certainty un-waivered by external distractions
•    She heals and loves herself first. From this space, she appears to have an infinite capacity to give and receive.
•    She helps others bring out the best out of their lineage by supporting higher character and virtues regardless of the appearance of things.
•    She is a mentor to our daughters. She is the first teacher to our sons. Often, she is the only confident and source of safety for a large group of people.
•    She is the link for community re-connections. She keeps mysteries and will not reveal the secrets of members of her community. Her silence nurtures a level of respect few can earn.
•    She is a solution to contemporary social problems and relationship disconnect. The community is her canvas; building connections is her art.
•    She is an advocate for the creatrix sacred role in society. Her life speaks for itself.
•    She is the keeper of mysteries of creation and healer of spiritual and generational wounds.

She is one of the thousands of earthly representatives of our Sacred Mother who comes in every shade and shape.
To learn how to develop your inner power, check out my site. I offer one-on-one sessions and group sessions for maturing women who are ready to embrace a woman's society. I also offer OsuMarassa Consciousness Course – a path for sacred womanhood based on Vodou metaphysics and earth based systems. To begin or renew your transformation process, contact me at for an application or go online at

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