What is Hope?

Often times I find it's the simple words that need to be defined the most...such as hope.  In a world where wishes and wonders arise all around, tossing, fleeting away like dust in the smallest breeze, so hope has become this mundane thought, something like a wish.  When one hopes for something, they're often expressing a wish for something good, something that will bring them happiness.  To merely wish for things, is going to leave us miserable.  What if hope was something more than merely a wish?  What if hope was something that we need to redefine, and build our lives upon?  

Hope in it's truest form is far more than a wish, hope is a confidence, an expectation of something you desire to happen.  In a world of uncertainties, of fleeting desires and wishes and wonders, we can be certain, we can have hope.  Rather than wishing upon a star, we can be certain of the One who made the stars, holding them all in place, calling them all by name.  Hope is possible, because of the One who is Hope.  

Why?  Because hope is a moral certainty, not a logical or mathematical equation.  1 plus 1 mathematically always equals 2.  So logic always remains logic.  However the One who hung the stars, who holds our lives is beyond, not outside, He still is logical and mathematical, but He is also personal, thus outside of this, which would mean that He is of moral certainty.  Perhaps I've lost you with this, so here's an example.  There's a couple that has been married for 23 years, namely my parents, they have hope, not wishing, they have hope that they will remain married to each other the rest of their lives.  Why?  Not because of mathematical equations adding up, in fact in America over 50% of marriages end in divorce, so mathematically it's more likely they will divorce.  Rather based on moral certainty, they have 23 years of proof to look back on.  23 years of proof of their will, of their character and commitment to each other.  So it's like with all hope...be have proof.  The One who hung the stars has left His finger prints of how He works, of His solid, sure, steadfast, and unmovable character.  Thus, we can have a hope, true hope...a hope that is confidently expecting great things in the future.  

Because if we look at those who knew the star breather well, they never said hope in God with your fingers crossed, rather they simply said, put your hope in God.  He doesn't fail.  You can be sure, that those who hope in the Star breather will not be disappointed, or let down or moved. Hope is possible because with God all things are possible.

Published by Isabella Swenson

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