Powerdressing: Corporate Wear

Powerdressing: Corporate Wear

Dec 2, 2016, 5:35:31 PM Life and Styles

There is only one thing I love more than a man in a good suit, that being, a woman in a good suit.

*I guess that probably explains why I admire Meghan Markle so much*

Power dressing can be empowering, experimental, professional yet playful and sexy all at once. A power-outfit has the ability to alter how you hold yourself, whilst simultaneously concealing the fact that you live in your pyjamas.

I have always been a sucker for corporate wear, a fact that is evident through my previous blog posts. As a child, I recall watching all the businessmen and women on the train in the early hours of the morning, exuding a sense of put-togetherness. In the latter half of my primary years, I flippantly told my parents that one day I was destined to be a lawyer. Whilst these words were music to my proud migrant parent’s ears, my mother enquired how I came to said conclusion. My response, naive as ever, was that I wanted to work in a profession where I wore classy corporate clothes, tall high heels and was able to look and be powerful.

Since then, not much else has changed. Whilst my aspiration to graduate law school are better substantiated, I am still enchanted by the prospect of power dressing on a daily basis. Whilst some appreciate the aesthetic of the ‘off-duty look’, I admire corporate workwear.

Having recently commenced work at the high-end of the legal profession, I have grasped at the opportunity to style my corporate attire daily, even if that does mean 6am mornings.

Searching for inspiration, I turned to my most valued sources of wisdom, Instagram and Pinterest. What became apparent was that whilst there is a plethora of images attributed to daily, formal and sportswear – corporate wear stood neglected. Surprised and slightly disappointed that there was little wardrobe inspiration out there, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I give thee, assorted images of some of my work outfits.

This outfit was put together to celebrate and compliment my new leather Zimmermann Filigree bracelet. My method of styling is quite unorthodox, in that the focal part of my outfit is more likely than not, an accessory that I work around. I paired the Zimmermann cuff with my trusty structured leather bag, a piece from Bardot’s 2016 collection. The nude tones were completed with my plain Hugo Boss shoes that I picked up in Europe (and haven’t been able to find in Australia since).

My dress was purchased from Portmans two years ago as a part of the ‘Status’ range. This piece provides structured throughout the waist and flairs at the hip, accentuating the female silhouette.The delicate floral lace trimming at the hem adds to the femininity of the entire outfit. Through the addition of a structured blazer (not pictured), the delicate outfit is balanced out by masculine top half, the perfect corporate yet playful outfit.

Paired with the same accessories, the focal point of this ensemble is my new Lee Cooper flair sleeved crochet top. Whilst this top was purchased as trend driven off-duty wear, I was far too impatient to wear the beauty.

My conundrum was that whilst flair sleeves are the new ‘it‘ style- are you able to dress this top up to look professional? After experimenting with various undershirts and skirts in an attempt to smarten the look, I came to the determination that plain accessories with minimal embellishment and personality elevates the trend driven piece.

Stick to blacks and nudes, nothing flash – let that flair speak on your behalf!

All in all, my first week of full-time corporate wear has been a treat. Whilst early morning wakes aren’t enjoyable, juggling a spare pair of flat shoes amongst other bags and running furiously at trains isn’t all that glamorous, the workplace, people and corporate wear (duh), balances the experiences out.

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