Create a "You Spot"

Create a "You Spot"

No matter how many children, roommates, dogs, or monsters under your bed you have residing in your home, you deserve a “you spot,” a place you can escape to and leave the rest of your world behind.

This “you spot” can be an office, a den, a small corner by the window, a quiet nook in your garden, or any other place that you can be completely by yourself. Designate this spot as yours, and make sure everyone in your home is aware of it, even Fido or Whiskers. This is the place you will come to clear your mind. Keep a journal and some markers or crayons in your spot for creative moments.

Meditate, stretch, lounge-whatever makes you feel happiest. Think of time spent in this place as a time to unwind, a time to shed the day’s frustrations and stress, a time just for you.


NO PHONES ALLOWED. No one, no matter who they are or where they are calling from, is allowed to invade your space. They can leave a message and you can get back to them when you feel refreshed.

NO SCHOOL OR OFFICE WORKS ALLOWED. It doesn’t matter if you have a big exam, a huge deadline, or housework that needs to be done. You will be able to tackle it more efficiently if you give your mind a little downtime to unwind.

NO MONEY ISSUES OR PERSONAL MATTERS ALLOWED. This is not the time to balance your checkbook, clean out your purse, or pay the bills. Nor is it a time to organize your day planner or make a to-do list.

NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. Though they may be the angels on your earth or the stars in your sky, your children are not welcome in your sacred place. If they are old enough, use this as a learning experience for them to explore their own quiet time.

NO PETS ALLOWED. They’re cute and furry, yes, and sometimes even great stress-busters, but pets can be a distraction. They need attention, and this is a time for your attention to be focused solely on you.

NO STRESS ALLOWED. The most important thing to remember is this: stress of any kind is not allowed to creep into your “you spot.”

Published by Isis Grace

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