Darling, It's Time to Move On And Let Go

Darling, It's Time to Move On And Let Go

I know you still think of him. I know you still write about him in your journal. I know there are still things, events, or places that remind you of him. I know you're still hurting. I know you're still hoping that one day, maybe, just maybe your paths will cross again.


But hey darling, he's already madly in love with someone else. He's perfectly happy now. He no longer thinks of you. He no longer cares about you. You're just a memory he buried a long time ago. He's never coming back for you.


Darling, remember this, some good things never last and you just have to let it go.


Yes, you tried to work things out, but it didn't worked. It didn't worked simply because you don't "fit". What you want doesn't coincide to what he wants. Your priorities are not inlined with his priorities. What you ask, he cannot fulfill, even if he's giving you everything that he's got, but for you, it's just ain't enough. You think he doesn't exert much effort, but the truth is, you just aren't fit for each other.


I know how much it hurts when you terribly love someone and desperately would want to make things right but everything is out of sync no matter how hard you try. Yet sometimes, that's just how things work.


Now you wonder how the new love of his life made him so happy and content. And you keep asking yourself what you've done differently that made him unhappy. You thought that his next relationship would end up just the same because when you broke up with him, to you he was completely immature; a broken man that needs fixing, but you're wrong.


The painful truth is, the man you still love already found his "perfect fit". He's doing everything he can to be the best man he can be for her without trying so hard. And she brings out the best in him without forcing him to do so. Yes, he was once broken, but she filled his cracks with so much love and support, that he slowly got healed. They well compliment each other.


So darling, don't be sad. The point here is, you will soon find you're missing the piece, your perfect fit. But you won't find him if you are still hoping for someone who's never going to be there for you any longer. You have to let go and move on. Focus on yourself and not with your past. Never look back. Move forward. Keep going. One day you will wake up and you will be happy again.


Published by Isis Grace

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