Stormzy Burgles his own Home?

Stormzy Burgles his own Home?

Before you ask, no, this did not actually happen, and no Stormzy is no way near that stupid. But apparently, this is what the metropolitan police thought was happening when they bashed down his front door in the middle of the night. 

MOBO award-winning grime artist Stormzy, also known as Michael Omari, recently posted a tweet that pretty much proves that our good old friend profiling is not yet dead. Apparently a man of his stature cannot simply live amongst the local residence of Chelsea without being made a criminal in his own home.

In reply to his tweet:

"Woke up to Feds destroying my front door coz apparently I'm a burglar who burgles his own home. @metpoliceuk need your bank details still"

The met contact centre tweets back saying:

"Hi, if you wish to make a complaint please DM us so we can take some more details. Thanks"

I mean, I hope to God when the police raids my house that they are this sincere about their apologies (note sarcasm). For me, all I hear, and picture, is a young american girl with a bitter heart tweeting that tweet. Like gee, thanks Met Police, let me just slide into your DMs and hope all gets better. Totes all better now. 

The issue at hand is not only the fact that they mistakenly broke into a man's house and falsely accuse him of a crime that he didn't do. It's looking at black man in the environment as high end as Chelsea and thinking, 'no, they simply cannot live there'. If it were a white man in the same situation, I'm pretty sure the met police would've gone for the more simple knock-knock rather than a dramatic entrance. 

I'll give some people a heads up. Sometimes people who grow up in low-income environments with a high crime rate ARE able to escape it and make their way up the 'social ladder'. Sometimes negative perceptions some people have on other races can actually be wrong. Like, imagine that, a black man who's not a burglar, must be a new thing for some narrow-minded middle-class who have rarely stepped outside of their comfort zones. 

Stormzy has been a voice to a lot of young black men in London, an inspiration. He has proven that no matter how you dress, talk or where in London you grew up in, with enough passion and talent, you can make something out of yourself. So to the police, please realise that a black man who reps Adidas sweat suits may be capable of affording more than just a fancy flat by the Thames. Think about that next time you wanna go all guns blazing in their homes. 

Published by Isoa Tupua

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