Jul 12, 2016, 4:55:29 AM Creative

She heard the music coming through the floor. It drifted to her like a morning breeze. She closed her eyes to keep the feeling flowing through her. Music is a magical place for her. A place she can always find peace.

She can go as far as saying ‘it is the only place she can always find peace’. She is not naive. She knows people find comfort in different things, places and moments. And religion. She read somewhere that ‘some people find solace in wreckage and they find peace’. Others find their peace in a hot tub with a glass of wine. She is not one to judge.

She finds her comfort in music. Music, not a song. The collective. Nothing specific.

Her friends tell her that her choice of music makes her too vulnerable. But she feels The Mountain Goat’s Used to Haunt is what music should be made off. And music doesn’t make her vulnerable; it makes her alive. Her friends should probably go watch August Rush or Like Sunday Like Rain or Begin Again. Yes, she has recommended those movies to them but what does she know she is just a vulnerable music girl.

Music to her is not just about words. Lindsay Stirling’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is the best version of that piece of music to her. Its not like she has listened to all the versions made over the years. She is a simple girl not a super human.

She hasn’t meet her downstairs neighbor but their taste in music makes her feel that they will get along just fine. You know, after she meets them that is. She has been listening to their music the past few weeks but she hasn’t gathered up the courage to go knock on their door. Maybe the rest might end up being history but for today listening in from up here will do.

Published by Issa Osman

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