Is Organic-Natural better for you?

Is Organic-Natural better for you?

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I have always preferred staying close to nature when it comes to products I use on my skin, hair or the things I eat.

I’ve been researching and creating products with essential oils and other organic and natural products. They really work and have minimum or no side effects.

Yes, they can be more expansive but on the long run, you will be healthier and save money with doctors and medications.

One of my popular products I have is an organic anti-flea for dogs that blends Coconut Oil, Neem and Citronella Essential Oil. I use in my two dogs and they have been bugs free for a long time.


Coconut Oil is known to be excellent to nourish people’s skin and that it is not different when it comes to four legged beings. It also helps with dryness caused by the weather or water from a  bath. And the benefits don’t stop there. It clears up eczema, helps flea allergies, contact dermatitis and itchiness, minimize dog odor, promotes sleek and glossy coats, prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, assists wound healing.

Neem is a super oil and has as many benefits (or more) as Coconut Oil, but most importantly, it is a potent antiseptic, antibacterial and insecticide. 


Neem kills fleas and other insects and prevents re-infestation.

Citronella is another natural substance often used in mosquitos repellent. It smells really nice and makes a good contrast to the strong smell carried by Neem.

The Dog Anti-Flea can also be used in humans as organic repellent against mosquitos and other insects.

Or you can use the repellent I created that you can spray on all exposed areas. It is very effective.


One of the best of my blends yet is a Weight and Craving control. I’ve been using it and it works beautifully. It not only helps with hunger and food cravings but also stimulates metabolism and helps burning local stored fat. I can see a difference in my cloths. They are becoming loose. I also feel more energetic.


Bajar-de-peso-320x180 2.jpg


Obviously this does not work by itself. I’ve been eating better and healthier and I exercise every day. I mostly walk with my dogs at least tree times a day and I do some stretching, squat and lunges. I also hike from time to time and climb stairs when possible.

Weight gain and control are a mathematical equation. If you eat tree thousand calories and spend  one thousand, how many calories will your body store in form of fat? That’s right. Your body will store fat and you will gain weight.

There are no miracles when it comes to weight control. We need to watch the amount of calories we intake and help the body spend them through physical exercises. It is not only the amount but the quality.

Always opt for organic and fresh food. Avoid processed food, such as caned foods, decrease consumption of refined carbohydrates, especially white sugar. Observe how much of saturated fat the food has. According to the American Heart Association we should not consume more than 7% of saturated fat daily (based on a 2000 calories diet). Limit fast foods as much as you can. Once a week maybe? Soda? Not healthy.

We do need allies, especially when we reach certain age when our metabolism slows down, but we also need to be conscientious of what we put in our mouth.

You can find the products I mentioned on this blog and much more on my web store:

Send me your comments and questions.

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