7 Lessons learned in 2016

7 Lessons learned in 2016

Dec 27, 2016, 6:14:11 PM Business

1. Do business in Equilibrium
Equilibrium is not a place for emotion. You cannot allow yourself to be hurt, disappointed or lost. As it is all about rejection. Which we dread. In business keep not your heart upon your sleeve but your trumps on the table.
The moments of rejection are the pillars on which each business is constructed and construed as the beginning of a beautiful “friendship”. Just learn and build. Together.

2. Time, time is on my mind! Above all we have been given time and the ability to make decisions. And they are correct if we allow ourselves patience and time to consider.

3. “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do!” – Walt Disney. Your dreams are part of who you are… so keep them close. You can go to bed with them at night provided in the morning you dare tailor up a plan. Or let them shimmer from the other realm and push them into reality the first chance you’ve got.

4. Creating trust. Seth Godin says that the best way to create a brand is through creating trust in the marketplace. With everything available and within your reach. If you are “the unburnt”, you use it to create trust that if needed, you will burn foes. If your skills burn holes into customers’ problems,  you are on the right path.

5. Storytelling. Stories are our meat and our magic. No matter what we do, we are story weavers. The package of our skills, abilities and accomplishments is always a story. Keep your followers with you within your story!

6. Stay healthy! Has become my other business and it has started to pick up… I have never felt better and stronger and creativity hits oftener. I do admit it sometimes hits me with a club, but I can always count on my humor to cover up the bruises.

7. Happiness is the root of all life. “One has to spend so many years in learning how to be happy.” –George Elliot. I had but one year to clear my vision impaired by unhappiness and clouds of doubt. And to find a little bit of wisdom.

What I want for the new 2017
I would wish each day to breathe life into all my projects! And to be able to nurture relationships with the tremendous courage of a newly bloomed cherry tree.
For You I wish above all that everything you have dreamed to become real and to no longer strive but for the happiness in your soul. The rest is here.

Art by Choi Mi Kyung.

Originally published on blogdecompanie.wordpress.com.

Published by Iulia Halatz

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