Hello, MyTrendingStories!

Hello, MyTrendingStories!

Sep 8, 2016, 10:00:00 AM Entertainment

Hi and welcome! Here I’ll review movies and TV shows I watch, books I read, video games I play, and talk about whatever with you guys during Summer vacation. Sound cool?


So. I’m a 15-year-old dork. Okay, maybe not. I’ve searched the interwebs and I’ve decided I’m actually more geeky than dorky. There’s a difference! So why “DORK Talk with Izzie”? Well, I never really say ‘geek’ in my daily life. For some reason, it sounds more like and insult to me. One day, almost a year ago, while brainstorming ideas for titles, it just came to me. (Really, I was looking at the Dork Diaries books on my shelf and that’s why I thought of it, but still!) Dork Talk with Izzie. I didn’t wanna change it. So, yeah. That name is a lie. Sorry. XP


I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple months. In October of 2014, I was thinking about how I love talking about the entertainment I consume on a regular basis. “I wanna start a podcast!” I thought to myself. “I could come up with cool catch phrases, play music for my intros and outros, and just ramble on about stuff I like! That’ll be fun!”


Maybe you can tell, seeing as how Dork Talk with Izzie is a blog and not a podcast, I didn’t end up doing that. After a year or two of brainstorming and soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that I express myself better when I write things down. I can always come back to edit things. I can say something stupid and take it out later a lot easier than with a podcast. I kept thinking how it might get annoying to keep going back to edit, record myself, and edit again.


What if I run out of breath? Will I sound weird? When I practiced doing the podcast (translation: talked to myself in my room about junk) I usually kept pausing to either think of what to say next or to catch my breath. I’d be so excited about what I was talking about that I’d lose track of my own oxygen levels! Doing a podcast didn’t seem like the funnest – a real word now – thing. But I still wanted to talk to others around the world about cool stuff.


Then. Inspiration. Start a blog. I had been a fan of certain blogs and wondered if it would be fun. I was still doing school at this point so I didn’t do much to get this going yet. But it didn’t stop me from thinking, writing, and planning! Ironically, I read a lot of blog posts about how to start a blog.


Lot of options out there. Lot of ideas. Somehow, in a short amount of time, this beauty came into existence! So yes, this’ll be a nice place for me to rant or fangirl. Hopefully, someone out there will like my rant and fangirl rambling and join in the fun!


I will post things as often as I can. But I am still getting used to this. And y’know, I got a lot of nothing to do, it being Summer and all. So sorry if I’m busy-but-not-really-busy-mostly-just-lazy.


No, but really. Life stuff could happen! And do you know how many books I wanna catch up on? Probably not as many as a lot of book lovers, but still a considerable amount. Anyway…


Hello & Welcome! I look forward to discussing the movie, TV, video game, and YA novel universes with you! ‘Til next time.

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