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I don't know what I can say to sell you on this show that thousands of people haven't already said. It's just fantastic. And boy, do I have some opinions on this baby. So. SPOILER ALERT for series 1!

Sucks I didn't see this earlier. I don't usually find myself interested in crime shows or mystery novels anymore. I had a Nancy Drew phase a couple years back but then after a while, they all seemed to end the same way. Not that I was expecting to dislike this show. It has a great cast and it looked impressive. Not to mention it has a big following which tells you right away there's something there. I had very little exposure to Sherlock Holmes before watching this, whether it was in book, movie, or show form. I knew basic things about it (catch phrases, some characters, and the like), but I was still a noob.

But enough with the introduction!

The first thing I remember seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in was "Star Trek: Into Darkness". Then after that it was like, whoa I see this guy everywhere now! But watching Sherlock, I never pictured him as Khan. I just thought every once and a while, So he was the voice of Smaug.

With Martin Freeman, for most of the first episode, I thought, Bilbo, what are you doing solving crimes? But by the end of the episode, I saw these actors as the characters they're playing. Bravo to all the actors! They do a fantastic job bringing these people to life.

I don't know when this stopped but I remember only feeling for the characters because I was looking at it through the eyes of the other characters, focusing on how they would feel in that moment. Now, of course, I care about everyone. I don't know what was wrong with me!

I really liked Sherlock's character evaluations and stuff in the beginning. That and his insanity sold me on him. My favorite characters are usually the smart ones or the ones that just know what they're doing. This man fits that description! And he's hilarious but gosh, he talks fast. I need close captions while watching this thing.

I love everyone for different reasons, but if I had to pick a favorite favorite character, it would be John. He seems the most normal. Poor guy has been through a lot. I can't believe he puts up with his flatmate. But they do balance each other out well. Crazy and average (average being a compliment) go well together, I suppose.

Some people think they go VERY well together if you catch my meaning...

After the first few episodes, I could totally see why people were such big Johnlock shippers. Honestly, I could watch these two talk to each other all day. And really, your stance on their relationship kinda depends on how you view people who are constantly shouting, "I'm not gay!" (Y'know, John, you don't have to be gay to like people of the same sex. Just saying.)

There's a lot more about this to discuss but Johnlock deserves its own post, so I think I'll stop here.

If you know me, you're aware that I love origin stories and beginnings. That's probably why I like "A Study in Pink" so much. They did such a good job of introducing everyone and setting the mood for the entire show.

I love the cinematography and overall feel. The OST is also fantastic. A++. And I don't think I care as much about the Who done it? part of the mysteries as how they solve it.

Besides, the one who done it is usually the same guy.

I knew about him from my limited knowledge of Sherlock Holmes, but I didn't know what they would do with him. I did not understand what Moriarty's deal was. I knew he was insane, but why he targeted Sherlock specifically, I had no clue.

And I hate to go from a criminal mastermind to a normal girl, but I'm gonna because I can't think of a segway. Molly seems nice. And she'll probably be a really great character in the future. But I hope her personality doesn't just involve her crush on Sherlock. Apparently, she was supposed to only be in the pilot but they kept her. I honestly wouldn't have minded too much if she wasn't a part of the show after that. But she is useful since she's their connection to the morgue.

There are a lot of good jokes in Sherlock but they're not one-liners. The jokes usually involve your understanding of the characters, which is great. The banter is also fantastic.

My series finale theory:

I assumed the finale would go like this. He'd shoot the vest and nothing would happen. Maybe it was a fake bomb the whole time. While writing this, I know what happens but I'm not gonna tell you. I will save that for the series 2 discussion!

What did you think of Series 1? I'd love to hear your thoughts and talk with you! (Please no spoilers on future episodes for those who are not caught up.)

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