So. Here's the plan.

So. Here's the plan.

Sep 15, 2016, 10:00:00 AM Entertainment

I've recently been sucked into the Sherlock fandom and happy because of it. Gosh, I have a lot of feelings! I'm doing an okay job at holding myself back from looking at fan theories and art all day instead of doing schoolwork, but it's still tempting.

Originally, I was going to make one big post about all three of the series. Then it turned into a bit more than that because this show got into my brain and made a little home for itself to stay forever. I literally can't stop thinking about this thing. And I've learned from writing about Lost. I tried smashing all my thoughts on all six seasons into something short, and I think I did okay?? You tell me. Those posts are on

But anyway! I knew from experience I don't like doing full show recaps/reviews. So I went from "I'll make a post about Sherlock" to "I'll make a post about each series of Sherlock." That would be enough, right? Well, I wrote out most of the things for those three posts and it still. wasn't. enough. They each ended up being close to 2,000 words long. Who would care that much to read all that in one sitting?!

There's so much in this show and this fandom, you guys! Three was not adequate. I had written a review for the overall story of the show but I love the characters and I wanna talk in detail about that too. So I planned to do one post about series 1, another about series 2, a third for series 3, and another about the character's relationships with each other. There. Done.

Although...I really like "The Abominable Bride". Like, a lot. There was enough on that for its own post. Therefore, I had to rethink a few things and make the series 3 review shorter.

Anyway, I did some more stuff. "Abominable Bride" was really fun to write about. Along the way, I learned that the post I was gonna do on the characters would be too long. Because you know I have to address Johnlock. So a whole separate post just for one ship. That seems doable.

Now I have six whole blog ideas all about one show. (A show that only has 9 episodes. Yes, they're like movies, but that's still impressive.) Series 1, series 2, series 3, "The Abominable Bride", the characters, and many a fans' OTP.

If I come up with more ideas and opinions I'll write about those, you can bet on it. But for right now you can look forward to a lot of Holmes discussions on my personal blog and right here. So stick around for that! I'd love to chat with you guys. Also if you haven't seen Sherlock, whatareyoudoingwithyourlifeseriously?

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