The Plot For The Next TinkerBell Movie

It's been two years since the last TinkerBell movie, and as much as I liked it, it wasn't even really a TinkerBell movie! It was a Fawn movie. They made one of the side characters the main character and that tells me they were running out of ideas. Which doesn't make sense, because they had pirates in the movie before that!

The first TinkerBell movie was in 2008, then another in 2009, then 2010, they had a short in 2011, a movie in 2012, and two movies in 2014. I like them, flaws and all, but... I don't see how you could run out of ideas in this universe! You're in Neverland! I thought the whole purpose of this movie series was to show Tink's origins and how she met Peter, but they haven't done that yet. They've shown Wendy and Hook, but how did Tink and Peter meet? I want that movie. They keep adding new stuff to this world and that's all great, but what about the stuff you haven't used that's already there?

They keep bringing up new ideas and making the story more and more complicated. How do you explain Tink's sister? Why is she never around in the Peter Pan movie? Would Tink really just leave her to play with the Lost Boys forever? And where are all the other fairies in Peter Pan? Maybe the whole "fairies change the seasons" thing was a bit much. It's cool, but can't really be explained in this universe.

I don't know if they'll make another one, but I have an idea for the next one. Now, I'm not a writer, this is just a basic story I came up with at 1 a.m. the other day, but I think it's okay. Hear me out.

There's a lake in Pixie Hollow where all the water fairies are, right? What if something bad happened to the lake, like the thistles from the first movie have escaped again and invaded. We don't really know what Vidia did to capture them, so for all we know she did a terrible job. It would also be good to have them because I don't think they've ever mentioned something from a previous movie in a later installment. It's almost like it didn't happen. I would like more references to past movies in this one to make it clear that this is happening in the same world. I mean, duh, but did they ever mention Liz from the third movie, or the scepter from the second movie late on? No, I don't think they did. I remember Tink talking to her sister about her adventures, but was that it?

Anyway, now all the animals are afraid to go near the lake and the water is unhealthy. While some water and garden fairies are trying to get the thistles out of the lake, other fairies are looking for another source of water for the animals. The tinker fairies decide to invent a container that stems all throughout Pixie Hollow so they can fill it with clean, not scary water. Meanwhile, some water fairies and the remaining tinkers explore Neverland, come across some places from the Peter Pan movie because references and foreshadowing, and finally get to Mermaid Lagoon.

The water in Mermaid Lagoon is magical. It keeps the mermaids young and healthy. The fairies decide to fill their new container with the lagoon's water. And while they're filling it up, one of the fairies drops their bag of pixie dust into the lagoon. (Let's say Bobble and Clank were fighting over something on the container and bumped into someone, making them drop their bag.) On the other side of the lagoon, Tinker Bell is searching for lost things because she's Tink, and she comes across a pan flute and a green hat. She looks around the lagoon some more and finds somebody.

For some reason the writers can figure out for themselves, Peter was in Mermaid Lagoon at this time. That's why the mermaids seemed so fond of him in the original movie; they bonded when he was 'younger'. (So how is he here? Maybe Hook brought him here by accident? Again, 1 a.m.) The mixture of mermaid Lagoon water and pixie dust has stopped him from aging and helps him understand the fairies. He doesn't just hear bells when Tink and the others speak. So the tinkers and water fairies bring him somewhere safe while a couple water fairies stay behind to fill the container. It'll take a bit longer now that they don't have as much help.

The thistles are still a problem, so they decide not to bring Peter to Pixie Hollow but they tell the queen about him. She and the rest of the fairy council discuss what they should do with him while Tink stays with Peter to take care of him. They talk about where he came from, what his name is, and the only thing her remembers is "Peter". (Yeah, yeah, I know. Amnesia trope. Whatever! 1 a.m., people! This is a pretty good idea for 1 a.m.!) She calls him Peter Pan, after the flute she found.

The fairies can't figure out how to bring a human back with them to the mainland. But they wonder if they should even bring him back, considering he's seen the fairies. They send Peter off to somewhere else in Neverland in the meantime.

Since Tink is the one who found him, she stays with him in his new home. She brings him lagoon water and teaches him about Neverland and the fairies. She also teaches him how to fly. He doesn't even need pixie dust. Being in the lagoon changed him.

The container of lagoon water is filled now and they have given all the animals water. The thistles are still in their lake (it took a while for the fairies to take care of them in the first movie, I assume they'd be difficult to get rid of). Peter gets tired of being away from Pixie Hollow and decides to help with their lake problem. He thinks a happy thought and flies to the thistles to scare them away.

Some hijinks ensue (another thing the writers can figure out for themselves) and Peter and Tink save the day, winning over all the fairies. :)

I'm sure they can fit the Lost Boys and everything else from Peter Pan into this somehow. This was just the basic plot I came up with. Originally, I was going to make this a Silvermist movie, thinking "Well, they made a Fawn movie!" but then I came up with the Peter Pan thing. I thought that would be better.

What do you guys think? Would you see this movie?

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