What Steven Universe Fusions & Gemstones Actually Look like



After watching Steven Universe, I found myself wondering what the actual gemstones of all the characters looked like. So I looked up garnets, pearls, amethysts, etc. But then I wanted to know if the Gem Fusions' names were picked at random or if they had a purpose. That's what I will be showing you today. I think we should start with the very first Fusion we ever saw.


When Opal first appeared, I was so happy! These two have such different personalities, but that's what made their fusion work so well (until it didn't). I loved her weapon, her design, the way she spoke. It helps that the real gemstone this fusion was based on make sense. (And it's my birthstone.) The colors of their gems are beautiful as it is, and the opal has all of them and more. Now, let's move on to another fusion of the main three.


Sugalite_PNGAh, Sugilite. The Fusion I was sure had two l's in its name. Honestly, I thought the sugilite gemstone would be sparklier because, I mean, look at those first two! Bootiful! But, once again, the color palette made sense. I don't think they picked these at random now. The creators, writers, whatevers of this show put a lot of thought into this and I can really appreciate that. I can also appreciate the next Fusion.


GarnetByKmesEverybody's favorite Fusion/character/Gem/everything. At least, that's what I'm guessing. You could be an Amethyst person, that's cool. But, really look at this! Look at it. They're all so pretty... I love it. I love it even more now. I could gush all day about this character and her gemstones, but I think the next Fusion should get the spotlight, don't you?


Alexandrite_Current_Regen_by_LenhiAlexandrite was the first Fusion we saw made up of more than two Gems (that we knew of at the time. We didn't know about Garnet yet). We didn't see the dance, but we saw the final product. And can I just take a moment to say how brilliant this show is? Not just because the gems are all gorgeous, and the characters are fantastic. This is a great show. And it's moments that have Fusions like Alexandrite in them that really drive that home. Anyway. I'm getting carried away. Let's move on to the last Fusion involving the main three.


Sardonyx_PNG_EDITThis Fusion made up of Garnet and Pearl is the only one I can think of that isn't a combination of the gemstone's colors. It's more like their skin tones. Again, it's very pretty, of course. And while Sardonyx was kinda annoying in the show, I can admire her. Just like all of these. Their combined weapons are probably my favorite part. But the final one I have here hasn't shown her weapon. In fact, this Fusion doesn't get much screen time.


Malachite_LenhiThe most destructive Fusion in this show I can think of is Malachite. Don't let that bright color fool you! This Fusion is a prison. And a very dangerous one, at that. I don't know yet where this will lead or how long Lapis will have to suffer through it, but nonetheless, I still have to acknowledge how cool their gemstone looks.


So there you have it! I know I left out Pearl and Rose's Fusion but I don't think they mentioned her name in season 2, so I technically couldn't include it.

And I think we got a sneak peak of what Amethyst, Garnet, Rose, and Pearl look like together in that play episode. But we didn't actually see them, we saw a shadow of a cardboard cut out in their shape. And we didn't get a name for that one either. So she's not here. :(

Stevonnie also isn't here, but I think their gem is just a Quartz since Connie is a human.

I hope you liked this. I made some of these in MS Paint and I took the best looking gems and pictures of the characters from Google Images. Hopefully, you could see all of them. I had a lot of fun making this.

Anyhow, let's get a discussion going! Please, no spoilers for season 3 and onward. I haven't gotten there yet. Hulu isn't very caught up. What do you think of these Fusions? Did they do a good job?

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