How Modern Love (Loosely) Follows Newton's 3rd Law

We all know Newton's 3rd Law (or at least the most common way it is stated): for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What if I told you that did not only apply to physics, but also love? Dun, dun, DUN! What is this? There's a science to love? Why, yes, yes there is, and love in the modern age kinda sucks. Here's why:

The mind set, when it comes to love and as seen romanticized over and over in Hollywood films and now across the ever moving internet is this: for every action of love I give, I should also receive something of equal value in reaction. See, similar to Newton's Law, but like I said, loosely based. Here's where it sucks: we have become so used to the idea of receiving love, that we now feel entitled to it. We only love when we know for a fact we will gain something.

Now, Newton's 3rd Law is a natural aspect in the universe and is a causation that comes from many different components. That being said, to base love off of this law is not bad; we're just looking at it from the wrong perspective. Rather than seeing what the law is word for word, we have to see what builds that law. Where does it derive and what is it's foundation? 

It's the same thing with love. Where is that love coming from and what is its foundation? Love in the modern world has become a currency rather than something natural in the universe. Loving someone should come naturally, and somewhere along the way, that natural instinct to love our fellow man has become nearly extinct. There are definitely a lot of cases that argue against that statement, I know. Nonetheless, the point that I'm trying to theorize is this:

Love, and unconditional love, should come from a strong foundation and a realization that it is without want or need of reciprocation. Unconditional love, just like Newton's 3rd Law, comes from the causation of many different components. Love shouldn't be a give and take, it should be a natural force that moves to the ebb and flow of time and space. 

Published by Izzy Lo


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