It's the End of the World as We Know It

Oh no, Trump is now President! The world is officially ending! The end times are near! Everyone, build your bunkers!

But really, Trump is now president, and I still woke up at the exact same time I do every morning, took the same road to work, and sat at the same desk. Spoiler alert, the world hasn’t ended and we’re all still alive. Literally 5 minutes into my newsfeed this morning on Facebook and I found myself laughing at half of the crap people are posting.

I like how all the “religious individuals” are now talking about the end of the world and how we must change our ways and love one another in a broken world blah blah blah. First off, it’s been a broken world for awhile and if it took Trump becoming president for you to now change your ways, you’re what’s wrong. I don’t hate the idea of everyone trying to love everyone, I’m just saying that was clearly not evident during the entire election.

Second, America is not the world. We’re apart of a bigger thing called Earth where billions of other people live. Calm your first world narcissistic self down.

I mean, yeah, I get it. Who ever our president is shows the rest of the world who America is, and right now, Trump is who America chose. So, either continue to cry about it, or focus on other equally important things and move on. We’re stuck with him for the next four years and pounding away at your keyboard telling your grandma the “F*** off” because she disagreed with your political view will not solve anything.

I’m super disgusted by how this whole election turned people against each other and made people turn into self deprecating individuals with no class. That goes for ALL sides. Honestly the “end of the world” will come regardless who is president if all it takes is an election for everyone to turn against everyone. So yeah, go ahead, type your opinions. I just did. I’m also gonna still continue to live my life because you know, the Earth is still in tact and I’ve gotta go build my bomb shelter to survive the zombie apocalypse and the War of the Worlds. Because you know, aliens and stuff.

Published by Izzy Lo

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