7 foot care tricks to treat your tired and sore feet

7 foot care tricks to treat your tired and sore feet

Oct 10, 2017, 7:13:32 PM Life and Styles

For day-to-day movement, your foot is an essential part. For you to have an effective way of commuting from one place to another, your foot must be in the center of it all. However, when your foot is tired, there are things that you will not be able to do. You will not be in a position to lead an interesting life. The condition gets even worse, when your foot is sore, which makes it unbearable.  If this the problem that you are facing on a daily basis having to deal with sore or tired foot, here are simple foot care tricks that you can try by yourself.

1.      Massaging

Massaging is one of the most effective ways of treating tired or sore foot. You can make a plan and ensure you visit the massage parlor at least twice in a week. Additionally, if you have a good budget, you can invest in PIBBS foot bath massager and enjoy massaging your foot right at the comfort of your living room every day. With a massager in your house, you will be certain that you will relax your foot for the day and remain ready for the next day.

2.      Use hot water

When your foot is tired, it means even circulation is not as effective as it should. Therefore, when you get home from work, relaxing your foot in some hot water can help. Hot water will relax your veins, which in return will easy circulation and relieve your foot from the tired state.

3.      Change your shoes

If you have been using heels or closed shoes all day, it’s time to change into open flat shoes. This will help your foot to breath. Additionally, flat shoes will keep your foot at the same level, which also enhances blood circulation. 

4.      Apply cream

When your foot is sore, you must ensure to treat and take proper care before it turns to a wound. Applying baby cream helps to keep the problem managed. Additionally, if you gently apply the cream, it will be easy to not in case there are other problems that were foaming. The cream also helps to make the massaging process easy and effective.

5.      Resting

Resting may seem like an obvious trick but it’s very effective. After a very busy day, all you need to do to treat your tired foot is take a cool shower and rest. You can rest your foot while seated in your living room watching a movie or relaxing on your bed all night long.

6.      Use fitting shoes

Wearing fitting shoes ensures that your foot has required space for easy mobility. If you wear shoes that are not fitting, there are chances that you may intensify the soreness. Also, unfitting shoes affect your toenails and result into a bigger problem.

7.      Avoid standing or walking for long hours

Another effective trick to deal with the tired or sore foot is reducing the number of hours you trek of the stand. This will help give your foot enough time to relax and rest before engaging to another vigorous activity f either walking or standing.


Lastly, you can create a plan to ensure you exercise and enhance your foot's stamina. Exercise also helps in relieving stress, which translates as tire foot. However, you must ensure that your exercising starts slowly with the things that you can accommodate.

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