I'm Me and No One Else

I'm Me and No One Else

Jul 10, 2017, 4:22:14 AM Creative

This is in response to a couple events that I've been wanting to talk about for awhile but just haven't put the time or effort into doing so until now. 

I'll jump right into it and start by talking about something that I worked on about two weeks ago with a close friend. Our creative minds decided we were to build a storage bench for the deck that stands in the back of a house. With only a couple snags, we have completed this project this week. While this may seem minor to most people, it was the process that made this little job so much fun. While the storage bench is not perfect, it will certainly fulfill its purpose and the time spent building it allowed for our friendship to grow. It was really quite calming, working for hours while music played in the background. There was not a need for conversation as we're both quiet individuals, but sometimes silence is golden. 

The other event that took place about two weeks ago was a five-hour golf session with some of my buddies from work. We all had little to no experience, but we still had a blast. We started on the back nine, and the first hole was a water hazard. We all hooked our balls far right and ended up playing up the fairway on the hole next to us. When I first started working, I was a little apprehensive and was wondering if I was going to fit in. These guys, and everyone else there, really made me feel welcomed and I can truthfully call these guys my friends. I'm sure that we annoyed everyone else that was seriously golfing, but it was easily worth it. 

Moving on to a more serious topic, I decided to write this tonight because of three things. One, I have been meaning to at least attempt some form of expression but haven't put the time or effort forward as stated previously. Two, I had recently been thinking why I want to write anymore and about the stylistic differences of writing styles that my friends use and I was wondering where I fit into that. Three, I had a serious discussion about mindfulness and it led to me reassessing who I am as a person. 

I'll tackle one and two together because they intertwine somewhere down the beaten path. When I say that I have been wanting to attempt some form of writing, it means that I can have sparks of very vague concepts, but when I want to translate that into a legible and coherent post it all goes to shit. This ties into number two because when I started writing it was in hopes that I would inspire others or benefit others in some way through my words. It sounds pretty silly declaring that now, but there is part of me that still wants to believe it. Nowadays, I think that I end up writing these posts as small updates about my life and whoever cares enough (or is bored enough) will read them since I don't make public Facebook posts too much. This also relates to the stylistic confusion because when I first started writing my style was very articulate and intelligent almost to the point of arrogance. I used what I would call a professional style like I was trying to prove a point. On the flip side, there is the conversationalist style, something that I recently took a look at in a post that seemed very interesting but does not entirely embody me. For now, I seem to have settled on a style that takes aspects from both parties in hopes that the best will show. 

When reassessing who I am as a person, it's no simple process. I've experienced a lot of change over these past months and the only way to analyze myself in such an intense aspect would take a lot of time. Any efforts to compare myself to past versions of me would be pointless. So, I won't call it reassessing. I'll call it experiential learning. One thing that has seemed to stick through all these years in the concept of being mindful. Or in my case, sometimes the lack of mindfulness. So if there was one thing that I would hope to change and improve on, it would be becoming more perceptive and mindful of myself and others around me. If it's in writing, I can truly hold myself accountable, right?

often include a small segment as to why I title my posts the way I do. It's not always included but I thought I'd make one for this post. The phrase "I'm me and no one else" sounds so childish and is probably horribly incorrect in the grammar world. It ties me back to the idea of being mindful and unique. It sounds like some catchphrase for a motivational speaker that is still maintaining the innocence of childhood. Regardless, I like it. 

That's all for now. Until next time.




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