In the Blink of an Eye

In the Blink of an Eye

May 11, 2017, 3:38:27 AM Opinion

This is about the small things. All the things that some people overlook. The things that go unnoticed or unacknowledged. We don't necessarily consider these small occurrences or experiences monumental in the grand scheme of our lives. 

Over the course of our lifetime, we are led to believe that we have some pivotal moments that define us as humans. The day that we're born, the day that we get married, the day we start a family, the day we die, just to name a few. These moments are important, but to claim that these are the moments that define us as people would be an ignorant statement.

Over the last month and a half, my mentality has fluctuated between the highest of highs and some pretty low lows. One thing that I struggled with over time is meaning behind actions of myself or others. I was looking for the monumental landmarks that we as a society assign to ourselves as important. Obviously, there were no monumental landmarks but rather than get discouraged I turned to the small interactions that we often disregard. In those seemingly unimportant experiences, I was able to assign meaning to them and turn my mentality from consistently negative to something a little more positive. It seemed as if the smallest of interactions with a friend, co-worker, or another student set the stage for that moment. The spotlight was not shining on the obvious. Instead, it was allowing those things which slip by many of us to be illuminated and seen for maybe the first time. While the large landmarks are clearly evident in your life, it is the smaller memories that you will look back on and remember. They may be completely pointless and random, or they could be a minuscule detail that stands out in your mind. I suppose the lesson is if you're looking for the big, giant landmarks in your life, take a step back and try taking a look at the small things. In order to build a lasting landmark, you have to start somewhere, right?



While part of this post was inspired by how quickly my mood changes throughout the day, part of it was inspired by a book I read. The book is called Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. It focuses on the split second gut instincts or interactions we take in and process. It has to do with intuition and perceptiveness. I think it ties nicely with this concept. It's a fascinating read and I would recommend it to anyone. 


To the people that made me step back and take a closer look at how I was living: A.C., A.H., K.C., C.H., C.M., K.B., R.W., A.H., J.H., B.A., J.P., H.B., M.V., R.W., Z.T., A.J., M.D., J.J., L.S., K.D., S.M.


Published by Jack Beck

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