The Value of Introverted Friends

The Value of Introverted Friends

Apr 3, 2017, 7:45:58 AM Opinion

Taking some time to talk about my introverted friends. While I consider myself a pretty good balance between introversion and extroversion, I would still argue I lean more towards the introverted spectrum. A few stressful events in the past weeks have lead to long conversations with some of my closest friends, specifically Austin Clayton and Cody Moreland. 

I decided to highlight these two individuals based on recent conversations and being able to reflect and truly appreciate them as close friends. While I've chosen to highlight Austin and Cody, this applies to all of my introverted friends. 

So why do I value my introverted friends?

The short answer is the feeling of being specifically chosen or accepted. When it comes to outgoing individuals they make a lot of friends especially with other outgoing people. At some point, the realization that most of those "friends" aren't really friends. Rather they are people that do things with you because they are available. You may come to realize that you may not actually like the people you're doing things with. Upon that realization, those same people probably thought the same thing about you. I'm not saying that this is wrong, or that this applies to every single outgoing or extroverted person. I'm not saying that extroverted people cannot formulate complex relationships with another. All that I'm saying is that I value my introverted friends for the reason of being specifically chosen or accepted. 

With my introverted friends, I know for sure that I am their friend. I know that they only want to let in a finite number of people and that knowing I was chosen to be part of their lives is an honor. When they decide to participate in an outgoing activity, I can recognize that it's the people surrounding that activity that makes them want to participate. That feeling of affirmation makes me feel like I'm doing something right. 

I chose this picture because it amused me. I often find myself thinking that I write far better than I speak. I can organize my thoughts into a format and can attempt to convey a point somewhat intellectually. When talking, especially within a large group, I have trouble conveying everything that I want to say without backtracking. In some ways, I feel like my personality is somewhat dwarfed by words or individuals present. 

- Jack

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