5 House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

5 House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

Jul 18, 2021, 12:49:37 PM Life and Styles

Whether you clean your home on a regular basis or just give it a quick tidy before guests arrive, understanding a few cleaning techniques can make the job go more smoothly.


We've prepared a list of some of the most effective house cleaning tips available in this article. These techniques will help you save time and money while reducing the amount of work you have to do. You can use BS Bond cleaning Company‘s cleaning techniques for cleaning many areas . These areas are as end of lease cleaning logan, exit cleaning logan, office cleaning logan, exit cleaning Ipswich, end of lease cleaning Ipswich, Bond cleaning Logan, and many more.


House Cleaning Tips:

1. Warm your Clothes and Sponges in the Microwave:


Making ensuring the tools you're using are clean is a crucial part of how to clean your house. Cleaning a house with unclean clothes and sponges is ineffective, so ensuring that they are sterile is a good place to start.


Simply microwave the damp sponge or towel for 30 seconds to kill any bacteria. Because it will be hot, wait a minute or two before pulling it out. If you don't have a microwave, you can alternatively wash your cleaning clothes and put your sponges in the dishwasher, however, this will take longer.


To avoid the build-up of undesired microorganisms on the surface, try to wipe your sponges and rags after each usage. You should replace your cleaning sponges on a weekly basis, depending on how often you use them, to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria.


2. Use Vinegar and Newspaper to Clean your Windows and Mirrors:


Cleaning your windows and mirrors with a cloth might leave streaks, smudges, and lint. Because the newspaper is a dense material with soft fibers, it is ideal for cleaning glass because it is non-abrasive. It's also easily accessible in most homes.

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning ingredient and alternative to expensive window cleaners if you want to save money or switch to less hazardous cleaning products. It's also better for the environment because the used newspaper can be recycled. Here's how to go about it:


Step 1: Fill an empty spray bottle halfway with white vinegar and halfway with water.

Step 2: Give it a good shake before spraying on the mirror or glass.

Step 3: Wipe down the surface with your newspaper.


3. Clean your Coffee or Kettle with Denture Tablets:


Denture cleaning tabs are a surprisingly efficient cleaning solution, especially for hard-to-reach locations such as the inside of a coffee or teapot. Denture tabs soaked in water replicate the scouring and cleaning motion of a toothbrush, eliminating stains in nooks your hands can't quite reach thanks to their effervescent and antibacterial qualities.


Step 1: Fill your coffee or teapot halfway with water.

Step 2: Depending on the size of your pots, drop in one or two denture tabs.

Step 3: Wait for the denture tabs to completely dissolve and cease fizzing before proceeding.

Step 4: Rinse the saucepan with water after it has been emptied.


This cleaning tip can also be used to remove undesirable residue from stained coffee mugs or any other ceramic or metal item.


4. Use Vinegar and a Plastic Bag to Clean your Shower Head and Faucets:


The finest cleaning tips are those that demand little effort from you. Other than removing the showerheads and faucet handles themselves if necessary, this hack will remove undesirable buildup, filth, and limescale from your shower and faucet heads with minimal effort from you.


Step 1: Pour the vinegar and baking soda into a sandwich bag.

Step 2: Place the showerhead or faucet handle in the sandwich bag, submerging it completely in the liquid.

Step 3: Use a rubber band or a hair tie to keep the bag in place.

Step 4: Remove the sandwich bag after one to two hours of waiting.

Step 5: Open the shower or faucet and run the water through it.

Sted 6: Take pleasure in your gleaming, grime-free shower head.


5. To Clean your Comforters and Erase Scuffs from your Floor, use Tennis Balls:


When machine-drying comforters, a tennis ball can be used to keep the stuffing from accumulating in one corner. Start the cycle by tossing a couple of tennis balls into the machine with your comforter.


The tennis ball's force doesn't end there. If you have any undesirable scuffs on your wooden floor, gently rub the area with a tennis ball. If the scuff is extremely significant, try applying a little amount of baking soda to the area, rubbing it in with the tennis ball, then wiping away any remaining residue with a damp towel.

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